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Downcross - To the Last Sunset at the Gates of Collapse

To the Last Sunset at the Gates of Collapse
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 28 April 2021, 3:02 PM

As all Metal genres the readers can think of, Black metal suffered a fragmentation after the coming of the Second Wave bands: a lot of subgenres arose from the ashes of the polemics that happened in Norway between 1991 and 1993. It happened due to the need of the bands to not want to have resemblances in the music in so early stage of the genre, and in those days, the basics outlines for what Black Metal would be in the next decades were set. But for those that are into the genre, it can be seen in two great ways: those that have a classic insight (in the same vein of MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE), and those who use melodies to increase the sober aspects of their music (like ROTTING CHRIST and DISSECTION). And DOWNCROSS, from Belarus, tries a classic outfit, as can be heard on “To the Last Sunset at the Gates of Collapse”.

To be honest, the duet musical work is based on a somber and classical form of Black Metal, without overloading the technical aspects of their work. But at the same time, even sounding hard and crude, their musical work shows some melodic parts that looks like influences from Swedish Black Metal School, so it’s not a sin to say that they carry influences from DISSECTION on “The Somberlain” age and from LORD BELIAL during their “Enter the Moonlight Gate” days (and even some clean parts that can set the minds of the listeners to “Svartalvhein” days of ANCIENT). And beside such formula isn’t new, the band does a good work, working in a form that enchants the listeners.

The production was conceived to rescue some features form the past, as the crude and simple sets of instrumental tunes, and some really raw parts to recreate that organic and funereal feeling from the ‘ugly aesthetics’. But it’s not hard to understand what they’re trying to express.

The morbid and somber approach of “Thru Singularity to Multitude” (fine guitar riffs that entangle sinister melodies with that abrasive and raw aggressiveness of Black Metal), “Darkness Would Ascend on Onyx Throne” (this one presents a slow set of tempos, where the simple work of bass guitar and drums is very good and solid; along with charming melodies and clean moments), “With Omnipotence of Ancient Dragon” (a set of chaotic and morbid melodies and some rhythmic contrasts put the vocals in evidence due its nasty shrieks), and the nasty and somber feeling of “In the Black Moon Principality” are their best shots, indeed.

For now, even far from reinventing the wheel, DOWNCROSS does a very good work. And “To the Last Sunset at the Gates of Collapse” deserves a chance from all Black Metal fans.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Thru Singularity to Multitude
2. Darkness Would Ascend on Onyx Throne
3. To the Last Sunset at the Gates of Collapse
4. Lightbearer of Chaos Fire
5. With Omnipotence of Ancient Dragon
6. Grail of Thanatoerotic Bane
7. In the Black Moon Principality
8. Void That Comes After
LDZMR - Vocals, Drums
DZMTR - Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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