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Dozer - Call it Conspiracy (Reissue)

Call in Conspiracy (Reissue)
by Dani Bandolier at 09 April 2020, 4:21 AM

"Call it Conspiracy" is the third DOZER (1995) full album released September 16, 2003, and the first release on their manager’s label Molten Universe. For this album they worked with Swedish producer Chips Kiesbye, famous for his work with fellow Swedish band HELLACOPTERS. This time in the recording studio they branched out with some keyboard players attempting to add another sonic dynamic to their sturm und drang. Did it happen?
In the earlier review for "Madre De Dios" I mentioned that a short period of time can make a difference in a band’s music. In the 2 years since that disc came out DOZER had baptized their Viking swords in fire and armed with a new producer put their earthmover tracks in motion. “Hills Have Eyes” fires up and holy king buffalo, is this the same band?  Fredrik’s voice is soaked in delay and reverb – he sounds different and sings – wails - in his own arrived vocal style. Guitar tones are different, metal. The bass sounds like a bass and is a bottom dweller present on the mastered product. There is an aggressiveness to the music not fomented on the earlier releases. Nothing can save you now… Is this metal?

Revenge rocker “Rising” brings Erik Bäckwall up front and there is added detail to the recording of his drums underpinning the song arrangements. You knock me off my feet again …The epic and expanding “Feelgood Formula” is laced with vague indian sitar licks and spooky vocal samples. It’s a fact …“The Exit” brings the punk power in a chukka chukka return to their “short and to the point” tuneage. “Spirit Fury Fire” embraces DOZER’s mystical and psychedelic side more prominently than in their previous music. Cool tune and cool effected vocal delays … You’re disappearing I’m afraid it’s true“Way To Redemption” must be the song that Johan Rockner locked the other lads out of the studio and got to mix himself; his bass guitar is everywhere on this tune – way big and badazz. The revolution will come …  Doom dragonaut “Black Light Revolution” is cool by me, my band is BLACK LIGHT GUIDE. And you speak the only words you’ve ever known …“Lightning Stalker” is my favourite song, all SOUNDGARDEN sonic amplitude and stretch. “Southern Star” draws this maelstrom to a close albeit in a slightly shitty way; the low dynamics and mix volume on this tune suggests it was a castoff or maybe even a demo from an earlier session. Shame, as it rocks hard old DOZER style but with a slight twist towards the “new” DOZER.

"Call it Conspiracy" is kaleidoscopic in that, having firmly found their feet as a jamming stoner rock group they looked on; DOZER sounded their own waters to see how deep they could go within and beyond their desert rock beginnings. There are some groovy guitar tones here and this release presents itself more as actual songs than furious jams broken into tracks with different names. There are some moments of "Call it Conspiracy" that call out to THE SWORD (“Hills Have Eyes”,“Man Made Mountain”) and what they would become, at least for a few moments. After this release the DOZER lads pushed off from the desert scene even more with their last 2 releases. I would love to catch these cats live. They have a tour scheduled this year of 2020 in Australia and I hope to be there.

Hell and gore, Chung Hop father Allan Ley. Hell and gore and the Dani Bandolier Spotify playlist featuring his reviewed bands!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hills Have Eyes
2. Rising
3. Feelgood Formula
4. The Exit
5. Spirit Fury Fire
6. A Matter of Time
7. Man Made Mountain
8. Way to Redemption
9. Crimson Highway
10. Black Light Revolution
11. Glorified
12. Lightning Stalker
Tommi Holappa - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Nordin - Guitars, Vocals
Erik Bäckwall - Drums
Johan Rockner - Bass
Chips Kiesbye - Piano, Percussion, Noise
Stefan Boman - Organ
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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