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Dozer - In the Tail of a Comet (Reissue)

In the Tail of a Comet (Reissue)
by Dani Bandolier at 07 April 2020, 4:00 AM

DOZER (1995) "In the Tail of a Comet" is DOZER's first full album released April 25, 2000 on Man's Ruin Records and recorded in February 1999 at the Rockhouse Studio in Borlänge, Sweden. All songs were mixed and produced by DOZER with Bengt Backe. These re-releases are available on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, bonzer if you gotta have the vinyl.  Lucky me, I drew the short straw and get to listen and review these re-releases of the bands first three albums reissued in March, The Year of Our Lord 2020. Sometimes too much ain’t enough. Sometimes.

“Supersoul” hits high and hard with the fuzzy envelope guitar and in the time it takes for me to open an Old Speckled Hen, Fredrik comes in with verse and chorus “Like a Supersoul, always getting high”. This is a great opening song full of punk energy. “Lightyears Ahead” is a kickass KYUSS-inspired second track with bitchin’ wah-wah tits. Fredrik’s vocal character is alot like John Garcia sometimes - he doesn’t enunciate exactly like him - but he does carve out his own thing, more so on some of these other songs. “Speeder” bumps along like much of DOZER music while revealing a bit more charm with lines like “and I feel like shit, yea”. By the hammer of Thor, if we could all go back in time. “Inside the Falcon” is cool and yields a mighty groove on top of a hypnotic fuzz guitar- staccato snare rhythm with choruses and guitar breaks swabbed in spacey watercolor desert patinas. Ya mon.

“Riding the Machine” breaks into a creeper groove bookended by Erik Bäckwall’s rolling backbeat. “Grand Dragon” vexes me with a wee bit much Garcia influence and caveman riffing. Fortunately at 3:20 the rather spliffy lead lets the smoke clear, dialing down the drudge. “High Roller” is the 6 minute moody interstellar come-down, “who gives a shit if the lights are on … rolling high … the stars shine on through”.

21 years after the fact, It is impossible to evaluate this release as I would review a new music release. DOZER was so obviously influenced by KYUSS, just like a dozen other bands and fans like me that didn’t get enough of what the Sky Valley lads released in their too brief time together. The sound and imaging on the remaster is cracking and I bet it cost a bit more than the $500 quid that recorded, mixed and mastered the original pressing of ‘IN THE TAIL OF A COMET’. Unfortunately, there is very little in the bottom end sonics below 100Hz. Like they say in the audio biz, if it ain’t there in the first place … Make sure to check out me golden reviews of the successive re-releases by DOZER.

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Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Supersoul
2. Lightyears Ahead
3. Speeder
4. Inside the Falcon
5. Riding the Machine
6. Cupola
7. Grand Dragon
8. Captain Spaceheart
9. High Roller
Tommi Holappa - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Nordin - Guitars, Vocals
Erik Bäckwall - Drums
Johan Rockner - Bass
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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