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Dozer - Madre De Dios (Reissue)

Madre De Dios (Reissue)
by Dani Bandolier at 08 April 2020, 4:58 AM

"Madre De Dios" is the DOZER (1995) second full album released March 6, 2001 on Man's Ruin Records and recorded in March 2000 (except "Octanoid" which was recorded in August 2000) at the Rockhouse Studio in Borlänge, Sweden. All songs were again mixed and produced by DOZER with Bengt Backe. These re-releases are available on Heavy Psych Sounds Records in lovely colored vinyl.  I have been to Malmö and speak one word of Svenska (skål), so I am the natural choice to listen and review these first three DOZER albums, "In the Tail of a Comet," "Madre De Dios" and "Call it Conspiracy" which were re-released in March, The Year of Our Lord 2020. By the way, "Madre De Dios" was originally available with a lunar landscape photo that has been changed to the lovely lady’s visage.

A short span of time can make a significant distinction in many a bands musical output. Fortunately for us DOZER put the bong on auto-pilot and let the shit roll for the second time. Opening track “Let The Shit Roll” at 2:43 in length is a rocking steamroller from stem to stern and sets up “Freeloader”, my favorite song on this release – more Josh than straight up John. When he goes for it, Fredrik’s vocal character shows some shift into semi-psychedelic distorted and effected vocal phases. Tommi and Frederick sound confident in their 6 string interplay dropping guitar trills and weaving in and out of each other’s leads. Oh yeaaa“Soulshigh” bangs on and has a 3 note super wah-flange guitar tag. We are riding once again“Octanoid” - just what in hell is that?- is a rocker that scoops out more DOZER-ness. Instrumental “Earth Yeti” was loved enough to have at least one band adopt the name as their own. The tune does lift off a bit at the end featuring some spirited congas by Daniel. “Full Circle” is my second fave on this release. “I know it’s coming around … you better get inside … you know it’s coming full circle” - now that is one karmic chorus, mates. “Mono Impact” is a pure punk apocalyptic blast, all 2:29 of it. “TX-9” is a psychedelic space rock movement that is way cool as it takes a step out of the box of influences that the young DOZERs were well rooted in, more into HAWKWIND geosynchronous orbit.

On their second full length outing nothing really changed for the lads in DOZER. Same band, same studio, same engineer and co-producer and the same songs, not like that was a bad thing. These cats are part of that Duna Jam – Generator party set and watching these guys bang away for a couple hours in the Swedish summer while everyone danced, drank and made merry would make quite the memory. I am certain ‘MADRE DE DIOS’ made a lot of people happy when it was originally released and helped cement DOZER’s reputation as the glorious European desert stoner rockers they are.

Hell and gore, Chung Hop father Allan Ley. Hell and gore and the Dani Bandolier Spotify playlist featuring his reviewed bands!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Let The Shit Roll
2. Freeloader
3. Soulshigh
4. Octanoid
5. Earth Yeti
6. Full Circle
7. Mono Impact
8. Early Grace
9. TX-9
10. Thunderbolt
Tommi Holappa - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Nordin- Guitars, Vocals
Erik Bäckwall - Drums
Johan Rockner - Bass
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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