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Draconian Remains - The First Crusade

Draconian Remains
The First Crusade
by Kevin Lewis at 03 July 2020, 4:49 PM

Formed in Germany in 2012, DRACONIAN REMAINS are a five-piece band with a dual guitar attack and a formidable rhythm section. The First Crusade is their sophomore effort released 14 January 2020 on Housemaster Records. With a definite feel of old school heavy and power metal, maybe even a few little nods to some slam bands of the 80’s, this is a band honoring the heritage that is the legacy they carry. I hear the influence of a number of bands to include IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, HELLOWEEN and even some LIZZY BORDEN.

Starting off with “The Hunt”, a song that wonders how someone can betray their friend and still look them in the eye, the musical skills are immediately on display. While a little choppy at some of the transitions, this is a fun song to listen to. Who among us has not felt this betrayal at some time in their life? “When He Awakes” begins with a nice bass intro, then kicks into a twin guitar assault with matched rhythms and a few nice counterpart runs. This is the tale of what happens when the eternal one wakes and takes vengeance on the world. Life will be “a living Hell”, possibly indicating the betrayer may want to take cover….

The Voice” is a notable song for the being the first time on the record that Alexander really drops into the more growly type of vocals and puts a little more gravel into the singing. He doesn’t go full on depths of Hell growl, but he gets down farther and lets it be known that he is not a one-dimensional singer. “In God’s Name” starts with a quick drum intro, then proceeds to rip out a nice guitar riff and “Unbound” follows that lead. Changing pace, the final two tracks, “Purgatory” and “Hangman” slow down some and show a more melodic side of the band.

DRACONIAN REMAINS are decent band. You can hear talent in the musicianship. I think this is a band that will improve over time and become tighter, more streamlined. Some of the production feels a little off with this record. Each of the band members has a piece that shines on this album, whether it’s a drum section that shows Benni can really kick into overdrive or a bass line that shows Marcel can step out front and lead the way from the chorus to the bridge, the moments are there. The guitarists are good and will continue to grow the longer they play together and learn how to feed off each other. Davin and Manuel can be a great power duo with time and practice. As this band matures, they will become a force to be reckoned with in the metal field.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  6

3 Star Rating

1. The Hunt
2. When He Awakes
3. Bloody Mary
4. Paladin
5. Kingsfall
6. The Voice
7. In God’s Name
8. Unbound
9. Purgatory
10. Hangman
Alexander Thalmaier – Vocals
Marcel Willkommen – Bass
Benni Drumbeldore Antolovic – Drums
Davin Wolfer – Guitar
Manuel Rothmund – Guitar
Record Label: Housemaster Records


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