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Draconian - Turning Season Within (CD)

Turning Season Within
by Harry Papadopoulos at 09 February 2008, 4:20 PM

Melodic Gothic metallers DRACONIAN are back with their new album Turning Season Within. Nine songs full of pain, love, sorrow and depression. The question is: will their fans 'enjoy' this album? Well, I think they will.
It was back in 1994 when Johan, Andy Hindenas (guitars) and Jesper Stolpe (bass) joined forces. At that time the band's name was KERBEROS and their sound was a mixture of melodic Death and Black Metal. Just after Jacobsson joined them, they changed their name to DRACONIAN. During the next seven years, and having numerous problems with the recordings (since most of the times the production and the sound of the recordings didn't match the band's standards) and various changes in the lineup, they managed to release three demos and the Frozen Features EP. In 2002, Lisa joined the band and they released the Dark Oceans We Cry demo. From then on, DRACONIAN released thee full albums and their sound became slower and darker.
So, it was time for their fourth album, Turning Season Within, to hit the stores in the near future. As I already wrote, for someone that doesn't know what the band plays, this is not an album for someone that only likes brutal Metal. This album is full of melodies and the brutal vs. female vocals cliche. When I put the album into the CD player, it reminded me of Velvet Darkness They Fear from THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. The compositions are quite good, Lisa's voice (even though it isn't something extraordinary) is sweet and gives an extra point to the album, plus they were helped from NOVEMBERS DOOM vocalist Paul Kuhr. The music is mid-tempo, full of melodies that reminds me of the previously mentioned band and KATATONIA's two last albums. As far as the lyrics concern, they are dealing with failing and hopeless love relationships, as well as how we deal with them is what this album is about, as Anders Jacobsson is saying. I am aware that bands that play melodic Gothic Metal, and not Doom as many fans are saying (the only thing that reminds of Doom is the rhythm), don't have many fields to explore. So for an album of dark melodic Gothic Metal,  Turning Season Within is a good album. But if you are searching for something brutal or experimental, this album is not for you. The choice is yours.
Instead of the typical epilogue, I would like to say some words about the promo itself. I can understand that there is problem with some guys that are ripping the CD's and put them 'online' for download. But the solution is not putting voice-covers or nerve-racking beeps during the song. This is not only irritating but most of us, that just want to do our job, find it difficult to write a review. So yes, labels must find a way to protect the band and themselves, but in some other way.

3 Star Rating

Seasons Apart
When I Wake
Not Breathing
The Failure Epiphany
Morphine Cloud
The Empty Stare
September Ashes
Johan Ericson - Guitar
Andreas Karlsson - Keys & Programming
Lisa Johansson - Vocals
Anders Jacobsson - Voclas
Daniel Arvidsson - Rhythm Guitar
Fredrik Johansson - Bass
Jerry Torstensson - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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