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Draemora – Death Rectangle

Death Rectangle
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 11 May 2021, 3:20 PM

On this new album, DRAEMORA has truly explored an evolution from their previous release. Musically, the collection of songs is mostly dark and heavy sounding. It wasn’t intentional, but when the band was writing the new record, they were all locked up and lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, along with watching their hometown riot during George Floyd protests. The songs all have deep meaning to the band, but they strayed away from using any specific references so that the listener could make it whatever their imagination wants it to be. They think that is the best way to make a release. The album contains ten tracks.

“The Cleansing” open the album. It opens with a heavy guitar riff and some smashing drums. The vocals are horrid utterances and the song has some dissonance to it. Clean, melancholy vocals come in at the chorus, and some melody comes into play. The ending is spacey. “Slaves Until Death” begins with an aggressive, pulsing riff and Deathcore like vocals. The heavy dissonance is pronounced, along with the steady double bass drum work. When it lets up for a bit, the ambient moments are welcomed. The thick guitar rhythms are staccato and choppy.

“Death Rectangle” features more of those pulsing rhythms that pulverize you into submission. It rolls forward, unrelenting. Slow, weighted guitars crush your very skull. It picks up steam and sprints to the finish line. “Requiem” is a shorter song that begins with a dancing guitar riff that covers much of the scale, but settles pretty quickly into another lumbering, brutal riff. The clean vocals here almost seem out of place, but do provide some temperance to the aggression. “What You’ve Become” is another weighted attack where again the clean vocals just do not fit in with the music, in my opinion. I think they are better off left behind. The bass notes after the half-way mark add some more depth to the music, but they are short lived.

“Gouge out my Eyes” opens with a frightening sequence along with just a bit of melody. It’s unlike the other tracks in this sense, though the vocal rhythms are just devastating. The anger disappears for just a few bars, with clean bass and guitars, but is soon dashed by a heavy finishing sequence. “Blood Moon” is a shorter song with no less intensity. A nice rhythm is established here, as the vocals are almost rap-like in their delivery. The clean guitar and vocal passage is nice but again, short-lived. “Screaming into the Void” is another song with a punishing guitar and vocal sound. These tracks are beginning to wear me down into a mire that threatens to bury me for good.

“Metacognitive” begins with a little variation from the opening riff, but this too passes. More clean vocals come in again, and I still feel the same way about them. Though as I mentioned they do bring some variegate to the album, it’s like trying to squeeze a round peg into a square hole. “Victorious” closes the album. It’s more of the same, heavy, punishing sound that most of the other tracks have. The guitars swing in a nice rhythm however, but those vocals overtake nearly everything. Here is an example of where the clean vocals do work…it’s a shame it’s only in one song on the album.

The band is clearly talented, and have the heavy side of the genre down very well. They play in a tight rhythm and hit each accent in unison. There can however be too much intensity and that is what we have here. The brief pauses are nice, but there are just not enough of them to fill in the gaps to the ultra-weighted sound on the album. Too many of the tracks also sound alike, and I would leave the clean vocals behind. I understand the band’s perspective on the creation of the album, but it’s just too raging and homogenous for me.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 3
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. The Cleansing
2. Slaves Until Death
3. Death Rectangle
4. Requiem
5. What You’ve Become
6. Gouge out my Eyes
7. Blood Moon
8. Screaming into the Void
9. Metacognitive
10. Victorious
Terry Paulson – Guitar/Vocals
Jared Conellie – Drums
Ricy Bjorklund – Bass
Taylor Wood – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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