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Draghkar - Eternal Abyss

Eternal Abyss
by Liam Easley at 24 April 2019, 3:53 PM

DRAGHKAR is a band from California that plays Death Metal in the vein of AUTOPSY. They have yet to release a full-length, however, they recently put out a compilation of their demo, two splits and their EP as well as a few live tracks. The compilation is called “Eternal Abyss”.

My first impression on DRAGHKAR’s music is that it is not very original or special. The riffs are all very underwhelming and basic. Each melody seems to be lacking in spark or an ability to hook the listener. I never feel like I’m one with the music; it’s just happening in my ears. I never feel a connection with it. It just becomes background noise.

Not only are the riffs lackluster, but the musicianship is very sloppy. There are parts on “Cowering in the Town of Blind Eyes” where the guitarist seems unable to keep up with the song. There are times when tings sound offbeat or out of sync. This also happens on “Eternal Disintegration (of the Body and of the Mind)” and a few other tracks.

If there is one thing that I can take away from this band it’s that their vocalist has a very gruesome, guttural voice. The gritty music benefits from the dismal atmosphere created by his voice.

Since this release is a compilation, I am going to point out that their later material (their EP, to be more specific) is much better than their earlier material. “Fading into Emptiness” features some cool riffs as well as some vocal experimentation. Near the end the vocalist starts howling, giving a very eerie, psychotic tone to the song. “Traversing the Abyss” is another song that is a step up, as the riffs progress more smoothly and the riffs start to increase in quality.

This compilation also features live recordings. The live recordings are well-recorded, but there is something that is left hanging. For me, live recordings are supposed to make me want to see that band live. They are a way to show listeners what the band is like live from an audio-exclusive perspective. It shows what their energy is like and, most importantly, how they interact with the crowd.

The live recordings presented lacked the band interacting with the crowd. It was only ever them playing music. This would not make me want to see this band live. Either they need to include things like interacting with the crowd in their live recordings or they need to interact with their crowd more. They need to capture the energy of the band.

DRAGHKAR is a decent band. I don’t see them any different than most Old School Death Metal revival acts right now, and maybe that won’t change. What this band has is pretty minimalistic. There are a few standout moments, but none of them are very noteworthy. Overall, their music is anticlimactic and bland. Hopefully they deviate from this when the time comes for a full-length.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 1
Production: 6


3 Star Rating

1. Wings Over Malkier
2. Cowering in the Town of Blind Eyes
3. World Unraveled
4. Stealing the Keys to Nothingness
5. Traversing the Abyss
6. Swallowed by the Dark
7. Eternal Disintegration (of the Body and of the Mind)
8. Fading into Emptiness
9. Traversing the Abyss (Live)
10. Swallowed by the Dark (Live)
11. Cowering in the Town of Blind Eyes (Live)
12. Eternal Disintegration (of the Body and of the Mind) (Live)
13. Fading into Emptiness (Live)
AK – Drums (Songs 1-3)
ES – Drums (Songs 5-13)
Danial Kelley – Bass (Songs 5-13)
BW – Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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Edited 27 May 2020

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