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Dragony - Masters of the Universe Award winner

Masters of the Universe
by John Paul Romero at 13 November 2018, 7:17 AM

If there is one particular area on the planet that constantly creates highly respectable power metal music, it’s got to be Europe. Not only because the true power metal genre was forged and reinforced there, but also because they have developed the style and created so many varieties of it through the years. You can see the vastness of European bands’ attack on power metal right from the classic albums up to the newer ones, just have a look at BLIND GUARDIAN’s “Nightfall in Middle Earth”, STRATOVARIUS’ “Visions”, RHAPSODY’s “Symphony of Encanted Lands”, SABATON’s “The Art of War”, DRAGONFORE’s “Inhuman Rampage”, POWERWOLF’s “Blood of the Saints” and TWILIGHT FORCE’s “Tales of Ancient Prophecies”. All of which were played in a completely different manner, but it’s still power metal, and it’s because of the common elements that it posses – the epicness, the heroics, and the heart. And, if we would talk about modern power metal, we cannot count DRAGONY out.

DRAGONY originated from Vienna, Austria and was formed back in 2007 as DRAGONSLAYER. What was supposed to be just a project turned into a solid band which eventually played several successful shows and supported some powerhouse bands like BLIND GUARDIAN, SONATA ARCTICA, PIMAL FEAR and POWERWOLF. So, talking about the album itself, look at the cover art and you will have a clue. That warrior holding a sword with his right hand and a pistol with his left hand represents the content of the album. You guessed it right, it a combination of old school power metal and modern attacks and techniques.

The ten-track, 50-minute album will take you to an epic journey you will truly like. From the mountainous swings of “Flame of Var Talon” down to “Eteria Eternal – Masters of the Multiverse”, everything is simply epic and magical. The songs possess such a positive and cheerful vibe. Songs about mighty kingdoms and slaying legendary creatures never grow old specially when infused with modernistic and progressive touches provided by the beefy bass and shifty drums. The constant use of multiple vocals provided the heroic sound in the songs, while the omnipresent orchestral parts led by the keyboards are mainly responsible for the magic spirit of the songs. Siegfried’s attack on the lead vocals is not as bombastic as some of the most popular vocalists do. But that sound is what the band needs to perfectly blend with the sound they have. The singing is still done with high energies with high notes, on a fast tempo – only that it was delivered in a calmer and gleeful way. The result? Magic!

The track “Angels on Neon Wings” can be determined as the heart and soul of the album. It displays everything they have here to share us. The symphonic intro ala Epica is perfectly executed, and then transitioned into a fast tempo of a very positively charged energy bursts. The orchestral parts and the choirs really sharpen the end of the sword, and the lightning solo adds more epic power to it. They also have a power ballad in the name of “Fallen Star”, which simply makes the album a complete package. Because really, we don’t always need to chase the lightning – sometimes singing the moon a lullaby is all we need.

A track by track review is not really necessary for this album, as it will only spoil the party. The things I assure you is that it is an album filled with magic, both musically and figuratively. The very light and positive vibe of the songs is truly uplifting, and will make you want to take on life with no worries at all, as if you are immortal. This is the essence of power metal, if the songs take you to a completely different world, they are doing it right. So, for a power metal check – is it heroic? Yes. Is it energetic? Yes. High notes? Check. Choirs and orchestrals? Check. Majestic solos? Check. And finally, is it epic? Hell yes!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Flame of Tar Valon
2. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It
3. Grey Wardens
4. Defenders
5. Fallen Star
6. Angels on Neon Wings
7. Days of High Adventure
8. Evermore
9. The Iron Price
10. Eternia Eternal – The Masters of the Multiverse
11. The Touch (Star Bush Cover)
Siegfried Samer – Vocals
Manuel Hartleb – Keyboards
Frederic Brünner – Drums
Simon Saito – Guitars
Herbert Glos – Bass
Andreas Poppernitsch – Guitars
Record Label: Limb Music


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