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Draugur - By The Rays Of His Golden Light

By The Rays Of His Golden Light
by Garrett Davis at 05 November 2016, 10:32 PM

DRAUGUR is a Dutch group who describe their genre as Orthodox Satanic Black Metal. For those who are unfamiliar with the name, the band is named after a type of Norse or Icelandic zombie. Calling themselves orthodox is just another way of saying that they rigidly adhere to the tropes of one genre and don’t bring much of anything new (creatively) to the table.

Constructing the Void” is pretty standard Death Metal, but that doesn't mean it can't still punch you in the gut. Roaring, howling vocals and thunderous drums are on the menu for this one. “Entities of the Third Dimension" is fast but not fast enough to be Speed or even really Thrash. This one is all demonic screeching and unsettling riffs. Despite saying they have a strict adherence to Satanic Black Metal in their other songs, I did hear a bit of Sludge Metal in“Torment in a Maze”. Rather than the grunting harsh vocals, this track focuses a bit more on resonant, echoing yells and milks a lot of the notes rather than slamming through them.

Behold the Third Eye Vision” and “I Rule This Night” have some roaring yells that sound either like the cries of tortured souls or the gleeful howls of demons taking pleasure in said torture. “Bloodsoaked Battlefield Commitment” concludes the album with the sound of a record player fading out and that unique static noise that they produce when there is no more left to play; a fitting way to end, and while not very original, it fits the tone.

The latter statement is really all I can about the album as a whole; it’s nothing new or unexpected but it certainly fits the bill. Give it a listen and see for yourself if “By the Rays of His Golden Light” is for you, because I don’t think that it’s for me.

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

  1. Constructing the Void
  2. Entities of the Third Dimension
  3. Torment in a Maze
  4. I, Death, Descent
  5. Behold the Third Eye Vision
  6. I Rule This Night
  7. Bloodsoaked Battlefield Commitment
Benjamin Courbois – Bass
Vos – Drums
M – Rhythm Guitars
Obscura - Lead Guitars
Dagon - Vocals
Record Label: Naturmacht Productions


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