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Drawn And Quartered - Hail Infernal Darkness (Reissue)

Drawn And Quartered
Hail Infernal Darkness (Reissue)
by Kayla Hutton at 16 April 2018, 10:59 AM

DRAWN AND QUARTERED formed in 1994 and was forged out of several local bands in Seattle, WA. Originally released in 2006 "Hail Infernal Darkness" has been re-issued via Nuclear Winter Records. In total DRAWN AND QUARTERED have released 6 albums and 1 E.P. Having toured extensively and played several metal fests, I'm not surprised that their name was not familiar to me. The 90's were a prime time for death metal and there wasn't a shortage of great music being created. There was a point when it became hard to keep up with all of them. What sets those bands apart is who had the strength to prevail and continue on through the fall of interest when fans became divided and moved on into other sub-genres. Most bands from then either aren't around anymore or are now reuniting to cash in the fans that want to relive a time when death metal almost got mainstream attention. DRAWN AND QUARTERED stuck with it, and like the few that did they still worked their 9-5 jobs and put every last dollar into staying afloat just to do what they love.

DRAWN AND QUARTERED do possess that sound from the 90's brutal death metal bands. You can honestly sit and pick apart influences from that era in their music. INCANTATION being the biggest one, but also they have that awesome tone that MORBID ANGEL had when they recorded“Covenant.”While it does lack originality it does work perfect for when you are really in love with a band's sound and style but can only listen to their 3 albums so many times. "Hail Infernal Darkness" is also time stamped by the track I went straight to, "Bind, Torture, Kill." Based on the serial killer Dennis Radar who had the city of Wichita, Kansas on edge for over 20 years. I think DRAWN AND QUARTERED are one of 2 bands, the other being SUICIDE COMMANDO, that did a great job writing about B.T.K. "Bind, Torture, Kill" is just as brutal as the story of Radar. Blast beats fast enough to earn a hefty speeding ticket if clocked, artificial harmonic guitar screeches, unpredictable transitions, and vocals that can make even the deepest of car exhaust systems sound like a pussy.

"Throne of desolation" begins with a scalpel and slowly tears layer by layer. Methodically slow and de-tuned heaviness. After a blistering lead, there is a surround sound of a pleasantly unpleasant harmony of guitars. This also has to be the slowest tempo the drums have kept, however, the beat is still strong and the atmosphere created by "Throne of Desolation" is fit for the entry of a master of torment and suffering. Finishing up "Hail Infernal Darkness" is the impressive "Nightghoul of the Graveyards." Call me crazy but I hear a BATHORY influence. I'm also thinking that has to be a drum machine. As drummers become more extreme in pushing the boundaries of what a human beings physical body is capable of, this is just relentless precision. While the guitar note changes are slowed the picking is right in time with the speed of the drums. The note progression tempo also dictating the vocalists' lyrical flow makes it lead more towards black metal but without the orchestrated keys or high screams.The end of the song has a mighty victory feel as if to look down upon the dead and take pride in being the sole survivor.

"Hail infernal darkness" has no shortage of intricate guitar riffs, blasts beats, and deep throated growling vocals. DRAWN AND QUARTERED has all the elements of a brutal death metal band that should've been more in the forefront of the 90's scene. However, they proved their true loyalty to the music by prevailing and outlasting those that were in the forefront. Aggression, brutality, and trademark lyrics that touch upon religion, death by creative torture, serial killers, suffering, and darkness are all here. While it isn't anything you haven't heard before DRAWN AND QUARTERED cater to those who love straight up brutal death metal with a touch of ear-splitting melody found in black metal. They definitely fill the void for those hungry for death metal the way it used to be.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Procession of Pain
2. Genocide Advocacy
3. Hail Infernal Darkness
4. Blood of a Million Martyrs
5. Throne of Desolation
6. Suffer a Traitors Fate
7. Escape to Cremation
8. Bind, Torture, Kill
9. Nightghoul of the Graveyards
Kelly Kuciemba - Guitars
Herb Burke - Vocals
Dario Derna - Drums
Greg Reeves - Bass
Record Label: Krucyator Productions


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