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Dreadful Fate - Vengeance Award winner

Dreadful Fate
by Kyle Scott at 06 June 2018, 10:16 AM

Featuring seasoned Death/Thrash Metal veterans Bestial, vocalist of HYPNOSIA and Skelethor, drummer of MERCILESS, DREADFUL FATE comes out screaming like a coked-up howler monkey on their debut “Vengeance”. From the get go, the opening (title) track “Vengeance” dropkicks you into a raging circle pit and refuses to let go as Skelethor pounds his drums into powder and moves on to your skull. DREADFUL FATE surrounds you with such a potent, full-frontal sonic assault, it makes you wonder who the hell pissed them off so terribly. Gathering from their unforgiving attitude and from some of their tracks ominously named “Alter of Cruelty”, “Hour of Reprisal” and the not-at-all foreshadowing track “The Final Sacrifice”, whatever someone did to DREADFUL FATE, it must be bad.

“Witches’ Hammer” sounds like an ACID WITCH song that someone sped up. Skelethor is still bent on using his drums for skull-bashing practice since the opening track, and guitarist Death Ripper is clearly enjoying setting his guitar on fire with the way he handles riffs. Him and bassist Total Destruction both. I wouldn’t be shocked if they’ve almost set their studio on fire at least a couple times. DREADFUL FATE has no trace of sympathy for your cries of anguish in “Hour of Reprisal”, nor does Death Ripper care for the health of his fingers with the way he shreds through chords as if they were paper.

So where exactly is DREADFUL FATE’s unfortunate victim going? “Eternal Hellfire”, of course! Yes, a lifetime of painful damnation is what you get for messing with DREADFUL FATE and no, they still don’t care about your begs for mercy. As the album draws to a close, Bestial becomes more and more animalistic in his vocal delivery. The final track “The Final Sacrifice” is the Big Track, and DREADFUL FATE intends on making it a good one. Only the best for their sworn enemies’ final moments of shrieking terror. The track is topped off with a moment of maniacal laughter, a booming thunder clap, and I’m sure a dead enemy with a knife stuck in his chest in a pool of blood. When DREADFUL FATE seeks vengeance, don’t take them lightly or expect them to forget about it, because they absolutely mean it.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Vengeance
2. Death Sentence
3. Alter Of Cruelty
4. Unholy Lust
5. Witches Hammer
6. Hour of Reprisal
7. Eternal Fire
8. The Final Sacrifice
Bestial - Screams
Total Destruction - Bass
Death Ripper - Guitar
Corpse Skelethor - Battery
Record Label: I Hate Records


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