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Dream Awake - Don't Hold Your Breath

Dream Awake
Don't Hold Your Breath
by Sooraj Ram at 01 October 2017, 10:52 PM

DREAM AWAKE are one of the newer Melodic Metalcore bands to emerge out of the Modern Metal Scene. Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland this five piece Melodic Metalcore outfit found a way to formulate an ideal blend of technical and heavy aspects of Metalcore with the catchy and sing along choruses similar to that of New Wave of Melodic Metalcore bands such as THE AMITY AFFLICTION and NORTHLANE. The is end result is fascinating and enjoyable. With a successful debut album the band teamed up to release their sophomore effort “Don't Hold Your Breathe” earlier this year. This 5 track EP is what the band claim as their best one so far.

By the time the intro of the opening track “The Weathering” subsided I was instantly sold. After an epic intro the vocals kick in. I’m not a big fan of cleans because they fall apart when performed at higher notes, but the other parts are catchy enough to make this song a perfect album opener. Apart from the music “The Weathering” has a nice little illustration through its lyricism as well - the song debates on how life is a storm we have to weather and how the things that bring us down should never make us give up. After a catchy opener the second song focuses on melody instead of heaviness. With clean vocals taking the centre stage on “Mind's Eye” we do get a nice little part of periodic screams followed by shorter breakdowns.

The third track “Cataclysm” is a song that portrays the angrier side of Metalcore. Chuggy breakdowns and aggressive deliverance make this song is a certified banger and is the best track on this album. “T.O.D” dwells on the same aggression as that of the previous track and ends with a completely different atmosphere. “Heavy Heart” is DREAM AWAKE in a nutshell. The song has everything from lung collapsing screams to catchy clean choruses and heavier instrumentation with occasional melody shifts. A perfect track to end an album altogether.

Overall I find this album refreshing. It is a feel-good record to uplift your day. I do find some sloppy mistakes - one of them being the less-punchy clean vocals on verses – however, the perfectly executed chorus covers up those mistakes for me. In short “Don't Hold Your Breath” might as well be of the best Melodic Metalcore albums and a benchmark for DREAM AWAKE’s career. If you are a fan of Melodic Metalcore then I doubt that you will find this album boring.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Weathering (feat. Wes Thompson)
2. Mind's Eye
3. Cataclysm
4. T.O.D (feat. Christina Rotondo)
5. Heavy Heart
Conor Kelly - Vocals/Guitar
Dave Houston - Vocals
Chris Byrne - Lead Guitar
Daniel Kelly - Drums
Craig Leetch - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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