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Dream Tröll - The Knight Of Rebellion

Dream Tröll
The Knight Of Rebellion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 04 October 2017, 11:31 AM

If there is one thing that I like about most Metal bands in the market is that although they are, whether they like it or not, a part of the industry and in the public’s eye, they are doing what they want, write whatever they wish while not submitting themselves to what the audience’s wishes for their music. You know, the opposite of a sellout. Writing music from the heart is the key, not always for success, but for the general feeling that the folks in play are doing it for themselves. Similar to others in their area, the British DREAM TROLL assembled the clichés of their local scene of the early 80s and created an essence of their own. Putting a strong mental note on storytelling, the Leeds group emerged with their debut “The Knight Of Rebellion”, released on their own accord, free of any label involvement.

While keeping it simple with “The Knight Of Rebellion”’s production, not turning their gaze into the modern sound that has been spreading like wildfire, DREAM TROLL’s music appeared to be nearly the opposite. Clinging hard to NWOBHM of their scene’s golden years, they were able to come up with highly diverse songwriting, emphasizing immensely on the known twin guitar melodies with a few glimpses of keyboards and the main course, lengthy epics immersed by a hook-laden vibe that would draw further listening sessions. There were a few occasions where I noticed that sections of the songs were a bit overworked, as if the band forced the issue. Nonetheless, the fact that the band’s songwriting is versatile, it compensated on the former, surging with moments of almost vintage Hard Rock, through the British Metal persuasion to speedy European styled Power Metal, courses of action that really spiced things up in this release.

Without a doubt, the oblivious “Lost in the Pages” is the album’s highest form of musical dexterity and appeal. The guitar work is exponential while the musical approach takes on both soothing and hard to the core Metal punch, creating a kind of ambience that is almost surreal. “Unwanted by the Gods” also cruised the harder form of the band’s direction, yet adhered more into the old British style of the early 80s, of course with finesse. Virtually, other than “Mons Ominosus”, which left me a bit in the dark, the lesser evil of what the band could muster on this album; it is a must to take a listen to the rest of the tracks on the list.

As a part of the wave the brought us NIGHT DEMON / SKELATOR / SCREAMER / LETHAL STEEL / STEELWING / VISIGOTH, the newcomer British band is a fine addition to the fold. Putting their trust on the Epic side of the vintage Metal map, they surely have the knowledge of how to turn it into a point of interest.

Purchase Link: Dream Troll

4 Star Rating

1. Time for Vengeance
2. Velvet Drawbridge
3. Mons Ominosus
4. Lost in the Pages
5. A Fairy's Tale
6. Unwanted by the Gods
7. (The) Earthbound Betrayal 
Rob Stringer - Vocals
Matt Baldwinson - Guitar & Bass
Paul Carter - Guitar
Simon Blakelock - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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