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Dreamland - Future's Calling (CD)

Future's Calling
by Grigoris Chronis at 28 December 2005, 6:08 AM

Hmm…I've been expecting such a release to turn up sooner or later. The 'seeds' of Hammerfall started 'growing up' quite early (in the late 90's if I recall well; don't make me call names) but this had to do mostly with the same filter the Swedish 'true' metallers were lucky - in terms of time - to adopt first. Yet, this release sees Hammerfall (and not only them, to be accurate) as a 'straight' influence. Well, the hair is shorter, the clothes are more 'mainstream' but the moment you push the Play button, some things become quite clear.
Dreamland played at the Sweden Rock 2001 installment, earning their participation via their Crystal Age (2001) demo. This is something! Now, I wonder whether they approached Joacim Cans (Hammerfall, Warlord, Cans) to check their stuff out or if he got interested in them. Anyway, the deal was up and Dreamland found their beloved mentor. A record contract would not be something difficult from now on and Piet Sielck's Dockyard 1 now starts the fire in 2005. Shit, I sound quite 'roaring' for this band; I really like their album. Check below…
 'Attached' to the promo CD is the video for the Fade Away tune. A fine slow song, with brilliant melodies, 'touching' keyboards and excellent vocal harmonies. Expanding to the whole music performed by Dreamland - since Fade Away moves in a rather low pace - we should realize this: if the term Power Metal brings Hammerfall, Edguy and Gamma Ray to your mind then this is your case. The opening track, Hearts Like Lions, features an up-tempo vibe with an 'epic' breeze and it's quite obvious what we're supposed to hear in this album. The same applies for the remaining track listing. The crystal clear production is handled by both Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) and Joacim Cans; LaRocque is assigned with the recording of the drums, the final mixing and mastering while Cans is devoted to vocals, guitars and bass recordings.
Putting away the sound stuff - no hard task - the crucial factor is whether Dreamland sound 'original' or not. Well…not. Well - again - is this the case? Who can claim to be 'original' after 25-35 years of Heavy Metal music (all genres), 50,000 'registered' bands and 100,000 recordings (cassette, vinyl, CD or any other shit…)? Yes, Dreamland walk on Hammerfall water; yes, Dreamland perform in 'safe-mode'; yes, Dreamland plan their moves with development management. So what? Destiny kicks ass, Breaking The Chains is bombarding, Future's Calling eats your heart out and Blank Mind salutes your soul with roaring thunder. As for All For One…a Stryper cover in 2005? Are you outta your minds? Still, it's great!
For me, Power Metal means something between Power Of The Night, Walls Of Jericho, …And The Cannons Of Destruction… and Fifth Angel (you know the bands I'm talking about; lemme alone!). For some others, it applies in other combinations. Thus, forget the label and decide if you like Hammerfall or not: Dreamland lay on their side and do their job rather fine. The rate below is the average between the 80's Metal maniac and the 90's 'true Metal' supporter. Quite simple.

3 Star Rating

The Chance
Hearts Like Lions
A New Way
Breaking The Chains
Die Slowly
Fade Away
All For One
Future's Calling
Blank Mind
A New Dimension
Repeating Supremacy
Joacim Lundberg - Vocals
Eric Rauti - Guitar
Johan Eriksson - Guitar
Mats Rendlert - Bass
Marcus Skold - Drums
Record Label: Dockyard 1


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