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Dreamlord - Disciples of War Award winner

Disciples of War
by Keith Morash at 19 January 2020, 8:34 AM

Up next in the review queue is DREAMLORD. And well damn! I’ve been listening to this album all week and I’m blown away! DREAMLORD, a Thrash/crossover band from Athens, Greece originally formed back in 1995, releasing a few demos and an ep. Due to professional careers and well, life… they shut down only to reanimate In 2010 with a new line up.  In 2019 they sign with No Remorse Records to put forth this epic journey of Thrash – mastery, “Disciples Of War".

Track 1, “Out For Blood" starts out with a short audio clip of an ominous,  eerie dialogue before the thrash breaks free, a strong, nod inspiring power chord riff leading into the main body of the song. The vocal style I’d have to say leans more toward the crossover side while the instrumental is pure thrash. Track 2 is the title track of the album,  “Disciples Of War".  Consisting of fast, tight riffs and a blistering solo, “Disciples Of War" has my approval. Moving on to number 3, “The 11th Hour". Starting out with a dark and eerie riff that makes an appearance a few times throughout the song and coupled with a slower yet relentless tempo gives “The 11th Hour" a sinister feeling that will raise the hairs on your arms.

Lets skip a few songs and move on to track 6, “Infratricide". The song opens with sounds of war with acoustic guitar laid over top, but like soldiers storming enemy lines, the Thrash descends upon your ears, flanking your auditory senses from the left and the right. Bass lines, tight riffs and war! What more does Thrash Metal anthem need?! Oh and did I mention there’s  an air raid siren too?

“Blinded Eyes". Another killer Thrash track, but for me, where this song really comes alive is half way through, the tempo slows down and the guitar riff to follow causes a slight nodding motion in the upper vertebrae in humans. Causing the cranial cavity to move back and forth. Please be advised, this is no cause for alarm, the is no need to consult a local physician or health care professional.

“Act Of God" would have to be my favorite song on the album. It’s an instrumental and for me, has some of the most technical and melodic guitar work I’ve heard since METALLICA'S “Orion" or “Suicide & Redemption”, And those are some big shoes to fill. Also, please be advised that the back and forth head movement will no doubt return, a very normal and common side effect.

DREAMLORD has given us a wonderful gift. This album is jam packed full of Thrash Metal talent. I wish them all the best and can’t  wait to hear more!

Song writing: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.Out For Blood
2.Disciples Of War
3.The 11th Hour
4.Humanity Enslaved
5.Aggressive Denial
7.Blinded Eyes
8.Act of God
Babis Paleogiorgos  - Guitar/ Vocals
Nikos Kousounis  - Drums
Yiannis Glykiotis – Lead Guitar
Christos Peveretos – Bass
Record Label: No Remorse Records


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