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Dreemwich – Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination
by Jess at 25 October 2017, 11:58 AM

DREEMWICH, a Progressive Metal band, formed in Kansas, USA in 1988. In the short four years this band was active, they released three demos, each with a different lineup, and started work a fourth demo. Disagreements with management mounted, leading to the demise of the band, leaving the fourth demo unfinished. “Beyond Imagination” is a collection of their demos from 1989 to 1991, together in one spot for your listening pleasure. This collection comes in with seventeen tracks and a listening time of about an hour and 19 minutes.

The opener, “Lonely Child” is a crunchy lovely bit. This is the epitome of late 80’s Metal with Progressive and Power flare and high-pitched vocals. The bass, is done with expertise and the guitars are dead on brilliance. The drums give the track life, though. They take it to a higher level.
Without Your Love”, track three, is the bands version of a ballad track. It works well with acoustic guitars and raw, intimate vocals. I see this track being a hit back then, had they been able to take off.

Track four “The Search” is drenched in bass love. While the guitars and the drums have the reigns, the bass keeps this track level. The overall sound is a bit lower anyway, with that 80’s crunch, so the vocals contrast well. Even the guitar solo keeps it on the lower side, while still showing off. The bass itself makes this stand out track, but paired with the rest of the musicianship, this track is killer.

Justice”, track six, immediately makes me think of Ozzy and BLACK SABBATH. It’s got that hardness to it, but is still incredibly Progressive to the time. The guitars absolutely slay in this track. The bass is still incredibly done and the drums are little faster and heavier than we’ve heard so far. This is another standout track that I think could have made them a hit.

The namesake and tracks eight and eleven on the album are a bit more subdued, until we get the wail of the vocals that amp the track up a bit. The vocals then fall to a more raw and softer delivery. However, it doesn’t stay that way for long. There is a lot of power behind the vocals. The musicianship is potent. Track eleven is less produced and you can hear it. There is some crunchiness in the album over all, but track eleven is particularly off.

The Final Day”, track thirteen, has an incredible guitar intro with a marching drum. There is some really nice melody found in this track. You can hear the differences in musicianship from the earlier tracks to the later tracks, including this one. The bass is almost unheard here, trading it for more guitar power, with the exception of about mid track.

Lots of Progressiveness and melody melted together to create a really great early nineties track. “Never Separated” has all the goodness of the thick, chunky bass, quick and unfaltering drums, and incredible guitars.

The final track “The Brotherhood” comes in much lighter and sounds like a live recording. I’m unsure of whether it is, or if it was an unfinished piece from their last demo, but it is interesting to hear the stark difference from a polished track to this one. This just goes to show how much recording technology has improved over the years.

DREEMWICH’sBeyond Imagination” is a great compilation of their life as an active band. If these guys were given an opportunity, they would have nailed it. Their sound is similar to many bands of their day, but original enough to have made a spot for themselves. However, it does look like there is some recording going on via their Facebook page, so we might still hear from them yet. If you are looking for a nice late 80’s nostalgia Progressive Power Metal album, check this one out.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Lonely Child
2. Pleasure and Pain
3. Without Your Love
4. The Search
5. Silent Whisper,
6. Justice
7. Forevermore
8. Beyond Imagination
9. Look Out
10. Prophet Of The Sword
11. Beyond Imagination
12. Power Shortage
13. The Final Day
14. Never Separated
15. Always
16. The Alliance
17. The Brotherhood
Karl Keller - Vocals
Jeff Dodd - Bass
Kevin Streeter – Guitar
Scott Shipps – Guitar
Steve Case - Drums
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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