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Driftin’ Line – Born as Slaves, We Die Free

Driftin’ Line
Born as Slaves, We Die Free
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 August 2022, 6:10 AM

From their EPK, "Born as Slaves We Die Free" is an album that combines the virtuosity of the progressive with well-blended and never banal vocal patterns. The album, a concept of 12 tracks, deals with a not simple and unfortunately very current theme: war. The events involve two main characters, who accompanies the listener in the desperate search for salvation of the two protagonists, until an unexpected ending, that knows how to surprise. A varied album, it’s a journey through the truest dual nature of the human being.”

“In Solitude” is the first cut. Guns fire and screams can be heard in the distance. The vocals and clean guitars are quite whispers, and the mood is quite melancholy. It segues into “A Glimmer of Freedom,” which begins with a mid-tempo riff and heavy sound. From there, it’s a jovial jaunt with piano notes and hopeful tones. It then transitions to light bass and lead work, with steady drums, and then picks back up with some progressive elements through the end. “One More Soul” is a more melancholy song with crunchy guitars and smooth vocals. They are flirting with the line of absurdity here at times, even for Progressive music. The connections are all over the place. “The Old River” begins with female vocals over a calm and soothing backdrop. It picks up with more sonority and the melodies begin to shine.

“The Son of Juambali” opens with a very long scream among some sedated tones, and desperate themes. The vocals are traded-off from male to female throughout. His resolve grows throughout, and exits as pure hatred. “Blind Madness” begins with heavy accents as the vocalist talks about “desperation.” The musicians here are actually quite talented, but it’s the songwriting that needs work. The songs meander quite a bit, although this one fulfills the heaviness that a lot of listeners need from their music. “A Prayer” is exactly what it sounds like…a tender song with soft vocals, strings, and piano notes. Power comes in when the cloud opens and rains heavily on you. This song has some nice emotive qualities, and the second half is vigorous and catchy.

“Never Again” sounds like a song with full resolve. Dark and grey tones open the song, with cool and steady keys. The vocals usher in a crescendo towards the end. “A Promise” is an eight-minute beast; the longest song on the album. Keys work well with the guitars in the beginning, leading to a calm sound in the verses. The vocal duet works quite well, and I can feel the emotion. The narrator returns, but it’s hard to make out what he is saying. The ending is both soft and sweet. “Gateway” closes the album…in three parts. Part one opens with heavy and funky keys. Melodies build gently, but they are odd in the chorus. Part two is much shorter, and perhaps more hopeful. Part three is the finale, and closes with some really strong lead guitar work.

I first want to say that this album was a very ambitious effort, but some clearly talented musicians. That being said, I just was unable to connect to it. Progressive music in general can have one flaw, and that it that sometimes, the sound meanders. Each time I think the band is into a nice melody line, it changes. It this case, it was just frustrating to listen to, because I know the band has the talent, but were just not able to connect all the dots.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. In Solitude
2. A Glimmer of Freedom
3. One More Soul
4. The Old River
5. The Son of Juambali
6. Blind Madness
7. A Prayer
8. Never Again
9. A Promise
10. Getaway pt.I - Run for Our Lives
11. Getaway pt.II - Last Confrontation
12. Getaway pt.III - Run for My Life
Guido Macaione – Voice as "Krag"
Valerio Città – Keyboards and Voice as "Narrator"
Angelo Capuana – Guitars
Walter Mogavero – Guitars
Enrico Macaione – Guitars
Vincenzo Cammarata – Bass & Fretless Bass
Giacomo Cannici – Drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony Records


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