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Drimys Winteri – Excesla Natura

Drimys Winteri
Excesla Natura
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 August 2019, 12:11 PM

DRIMYS WINTERI is an Atmospheric Black Metal band based out of Talca, Chile. Formed in 2015, this is their first full-length album, and contains seven tracks. “Magico Velo Gris” leads off the album, with a mid-tempo pace and plenty of guitars and drums. The vocals are pretty traditional when it comes to the genre of Black Metal, and the song features some lead guitar moments for guidance. Around the half-way mark comes that pretty ambient passage you were expecting, and then a slower passage takes the song to completion. “Mistica Nostalgia” opens with a faster pace. It has that despondent sound that makes you feel sad. The song stays pretty much the same throughout.

“Orgullosa Naturaleza I (Verde Calma)” has a similar sound to the previous tracks, and this album is in danger of not providing much in terms of diversity. Just before the half-way mark, comes an eerie ambient passage, complete with howling winds and echoing guitars. “En La Imennsidad De La Cosmica Oscuridad” opens with a light and airy passage with some melody. Then the main riff hits and it’s fairly hard. The guitars make this descending sound which is unusual and does bring some diversity to the table. “Microcosmos Simbolico” opens with a steady cadence and some despondent tones. The vocals rage as the song continues on, I believe in Spanish.

“Instrospectiva Cadena De Penumbras” is a softer song featuring only piano keys…the low notes are utterly melancholy in nature.  “Orgullosa Naturaleza II (El Incondicional Canto De Las Aves)” closes the album. Opening with satanic vocals and a harrowing but melancholy sound, it’s a slower number that breathes a bit easier. It ends on more of that harrowing sound. Overall, it’s s better-than-average Black Metal release that does some experimentation with some ambient passages which I enjoyed. Sometimes it was stuck in a rut, while other times it surprised me. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Magico Velo Gris
2. Mistica Nostalgia
3. Orgullosa Naturaleza I (Verde Calma)
4. En La Imennsidad De La Cosmica Oscuridad
5. Microcosmos Simbolico
6. Introspectiva Cadena De Penumbras
7. Orgullosa Naturaleza II (El Incondicional Canto De Las Aves)
R.M. – Bass
Neguss – Guitars, Vocals
Atrek – Vocals
Juan Alcaino – Drums
Record Label: Australis Records


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