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Drowned - 7TH

by Katharine Hassett at 28 July 2018, 6:38 PM

DROWNED is a Brazilian metal band that cut their teeth with a demo in 1998 titled "Where the Dark and Light Divide…" which was well received and promoted in Brazil and other countries. After a few compilations and subsequent signing to Cogumelo Records, the band would record their hallmark record, "Bonegrinder," released in August 2001. This career defining album would jumpstart their first Brazilian tour. Five full lengths and a five year hiatus later, in August 2017, DROWNED would enter the studio once again to record "7TH."

The album is a mixture of heavy, thrash and death metal – a refined preservation of the roots of the band with lyrical content covering political, religious and social issues. The album opens immediately with a solid, headbangable groove, which quickly goes from brutal to slamming with plenty of skank blastbeats and screamed vocals to keep the listener properly beat down. Right away you can immediately hear the diversity of Fernando Lima's vocal style on "The Bitter Art of Detestation," showcasing spoken word, raspy screams and cathartic clean vocals. "Rage Before Some Hope" builds up slowly with palm muted riffage and drum fills coupled with introspective lyrics. "Toothless Messiah" is an angry, at times melancholic five minute assault on the ears. With more catchy grooves, guitar solos, metalcore-like riffage and even gang shouts, it is easily the most diverse track on the record. These elements are further explored on "Violent March of Chaos," a song with solos bursting with emotion and more layered vocals.

"Damaged Wood Coffin" starts with distant-sounding, clean guitars, fooling the listener into thinking the beatdown is over, only to bring on the brutality with more chaotic screams and technical grooves, sprinkling on just the right amount of melody. "Timebomb Conscience" employs a similar style with the added bonus of some truly tasty, low gutterals from Lima. The album ends just as sonically charged as it began, with catchy 4/4 grooves and skank beats. The closer fittingly has its fair share of solowork, all of which are as precisely executed as they are melancholic. Overall, the quintets seventh LP is a solid one but does not offer much new to the heavy metal genre.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Bitter Art of Detestation
2. Rage Before Some Hope
3. Toothless Messiah
4. Murder, Sex, Hate and More…
5. Violent March of Chaos
6. Damaged Wood Coffin
7. Epidemic and God Selfishness
8. Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil
9. Timebob Conscience
10. KRH317
11. Ministry of National Inquisition
Fernando Lima - Vocals
Kerley Ribeiro - Guitars
Marcos Amorim - Guitars
Rafael Porto - Bass
Beto Loureiro - Drums
Record Label: Greyhaze Records


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Edited 18 October 2019

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