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Drunkroll - Freakingface

by John Foley at 28 September 2020, 12:25 PM

Released back in August of 2020, Freakingface is the new album from Saratov, Russia project DRUKNROLL. What started out as a solo project as the years yet on more musicians hopped onboard to make this a band well worth checking out. The album opens with the track “Dead Phone”. The some opens with an acoustic guitar sounding a little like outlaw music. We then get hit with those pounding riffs and killer grooves. Going with death growls for the verse and switching with ease to clean vocals for the chorus and complete with a face melting guitar solo.

Up next is “Fermat’s Theorem” which hits us with a thunderous bass line. Guitars then come in and just take over. The lead guitar work here is really great and so is the pounding off of the double bass pedal work on the drums. Then we get to the title track “Freakingface” which opens like a piano ballad. From the start we get this epic symphonic metal sound which then progresses to a killer groove metal sound similar to something by PANTERA, and present is an amazing sounding middle section.

The song My Fatefull Day” is another good track that opens with a clean and melodic sound. With the vocals of Maria here working hauntingly well along side the male vocals of Horror which makes the to styles mix together really well. With an epic sounding guitar solo the song is very melodic yet very heavy at the same time. “Forever Young” is another song with an acoustic intro and clean vocals. Then heavy riffin’ comes in and we get some cool lead guitar work over the melodic parts. On this track you can really hear the lead guitar work shine.

The last track here is A Black Hole”. Present on this track are some cool melodic riffin’. This is quite a haunting song and is a little atmospheric. An awesome bass line that then leads into a guitar solo. Here you can hear the guitars and the synth/keyboards trading off of one another. Great way to end the album. The Vocals work very well here and the guitar solos sound epic. The riffs got speed, precision and a real groove to them. The sound on Freakingface can only be described as an evolved form of thrash metal. Some killer drum work here to and at parts the album is very melodic at times while the synth/keyboards adds to the overall atmosphere.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Dead Phone
2. Fermat’s Theorem
3. Freakingface
4. I Multiply the Pain
5. My Fatefull Day
6. Destruction Inside
7. My Damned Love
8. Forever Young
9. I’m a Parasite
10. A Black Hole
Denys Malyuga – Guitar
Oleg Kireychuk – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Sound Engineer
Horror – Vocals
Maria - Vocals
Alex Knip – Guitar, Sound Effects, Keyboards
Druknroll – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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