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Dukes Of The Orient – Freakshow Award winner

Dukes Of The Orient
by Caio Botrel at 17 October 2020, 1:45 PM

DUKES OF THE ORIENT is an excellent Progressive Rock band from Las Vegas, US - that mixes a lot of cool instruments in their music, creating a very dynamic album. After that being said, we will discuss about their newest album "Freakshow" next.

The opening song from the album is "The Dukes Return" that will instantly take you back to the magic era of the 1980's and you will caught yoursel imagining driving a conversible car in the streets of L.A. The vocals and instruments are incredibly good and the feeling of the song is perfect. It's a great way to start the album.

"The Ice Is Thin" have a few different ambiences, it starts with a beautiful piano and guitar solo that are a little bit sad - but perfect for the deep vocals. I have reminded myself of SUPERTRAMP while listening to that song and it was confirmed when I heard a few saxophones here. What a great song!

"Freakshow" is the title track of the album and it is heavier from the previous song and has an excellent melody played by the keyboard. That song is pretty funny and I can totally imagine it live! Just listen to it!

"The Monitors" starts with a cool keyboard sound and then the guitar riffs from the 1980's hits in alongside the vocal lines that totally reminded me of that era. It is incredible how they can easily create catch melodies. The vocals here reminded me a little bit of some of AVANTASIA's content.

"Man Of Machine" and "The Last Time Traveller" are the progressive song that you would listen to it over and over again, it is so inspiring and there are a lot of different elements and arrangements coming from the guitars and keyboards that made it huge. I love how it starts a little bit sad and chill and then it just turns into something emotional and when you realize you are wasted on these notes.

"A Question For Knowledge" starts with a beautiful vocal choir and then the synthesizer comes in doing an excellent melody that fits the vocals perfectly. I also liked how the guitar riffs sounded here, a little bit groovy at some points and sometimes some clean guitar lines.

"The Great Brass Steam" and "When Ravens Cry" are both epic and full of great melodies, progressive and directly parts. They could play both songs live and they would definitely catch the audience's attention.

"Until Then" is the last song from the album and it starts with a beautiful flute that reminded me of some Brazilian MPB and Samba vibes, but then it turns into an epic piano and voice song. That song is more soft and there are a lot of vocal choirs here, which was a great way to end the material.

DUKES OF THE ORIENT have written and released one of the best Progressive Rock albums of the year. They are amazing and deserve as much success and recognizement they can get. I have nothing else to say, just listen to it.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Dukes Return
2. The Ice Is Thin
3. Freakshow
4. The Monitors
5. Man Of Machine
6. The Last Time Traveller
7. A Quest For Knowledge
8. The Great Brass Steam
9. When Raven Cry
10. Until Then
John Payne – Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Erik Norlander – Keyboards
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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