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Dun Ringill - Library of Death Award winner

Dun Rinhill
Library of Death
by Dani Bandolier at 25 August 2020, 3:56 AM

“Library of Death” is the smoking release of 7 tracks of Doom-Folk-Metal-Rawk from DUN RINGILL (2017), another cracking music outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden. When THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL took a one year break September 2017, the rhythm section of bass player Patrik Andersson Winberg and drummer Hans Lilja grabbed the chance to create new music again together with Patrik's old band mate from the DOOMDOGS era, Tomas Eriksson (INTOXICATE and ex-GROTESQUE). To make this exciting project of DUN RINGILL as great as possible, the band teamed up with fellow Gothenburg guitarists Tommy Stegemann (SILVERHORSE), Jens Florén (also in LOMMI & ex-live guitarist for DARK TRANQUILLITY) and Patric Grammann (SFT, NEON LEON). After the band released their critically acclaimed debut, “Welcome” in March 2019, several gigs and tours followed with acts like CHURCH OF MISERY, YEAR OF THE GOAT and ELDER. Their new studio album “Library of Death” saw the light of day this July 31st, 2020 on Argonauta Records. The band is currently preparing for a heavy live schedule to hopefully follow more than soon. More than soon?

I will be singing at your funeral … I will be feeding on your marrow … ‘Raven’s Tear’ sounds-off with what I think the yanks refer to as a circus hurdy-gurdy which then yields to a right loverly melodic metal guitar passage pinned down by the right foot hammer of Hans Lilja on drums. Thomas Eriksson arrives in hobbled King Diamond mode - groaning, growling and expressive but foregoing the piercing shriek register, still an emotive character that many can’t pull off successfully on their best day. Thomas shows a similar King Diamond story-teller faculty that fits perfectly over the neo-classical string riffs of Jens, Tommy, Patrik and Patric.

Every book has its story … ‘Library of Death’ is a down tempo euro-rock stomper that puts the library in a whole new dark light – more like Ronnie James Dio in his SABBATH and RAINBOW heavy metal moments, then the song finishes out on a by-the-numbers blues-rawk guitar lead. We fight to stay strong … It will not be easy for you‘My Funeral Song’ pulls a pensive introduction that features a spoken word bit over some righteous violin and some of the most expressive vocalizing I have heard on a musical release outside of a Broadway theatre recording. Dig the patient gang-bang guitar lines à la TROUBLE that appear on this song and the rest of this release.  When Thomas really winds up he has a down-tuned  throat quality similar to Mike Scheidt of YOB while remaining in the gruff baritone King investiture … I want to play a game‘Dance of the Necromancer’ rocks along with the same tempo and phrygian stink-finger guitar majik as the proceeding song, but wait – what is that I hear, horns? Nice touch, lads.

It will tear you down … ‘Well of Desire’ has a mystic Egyptian-Gypsy vibe along with more-of-the-good-thang harmonized guitar fat to grease up the pan for neo-classic rock blues guitar lead sizzle … Natural .. Born .. Killers … ‘NBK’ is a kicker and flat out ROCKS with a killer chorus and groovy 3-way guitar that sounds very unlike any other song on “Library of Death” while sustaining the evil coven vibe. ‘NBK’ could have been done by another band or composer – the song is that different …  and thusly I Doth Proclaim this My Favourite Tuneage.

“Library of Death” strikes me as a manic folk work like THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN and the already mentioned ‘evy metal storytellers. Vocalist Thomas Eriksson is a throat in the company of King Diamond, Mike Scheidt and Arnt Olaf Andersen of THE DEVIL AND THE ALMIGHTY BLUES. The songs tend to be on the long side, but like a séance or a folk majik ritual there is chant renewal and melodic repetition on offer to get yer head right – right on. Have a listen to “Library of Death”. DUN RINHILL cut this music with lots of space for a big voice to tell you a story dosed in the doom heebie-jeebies. Yea mon.

Ich denke ich bin verrückt und dani bandoliers Spotify liste der rezensierten bands …

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Raven’s Tear
2. Library of Death
3. My Funeral Song
4. Dance of the Necromancer
5. Well of Desire
6. NBK
7. Reverend of Many Faces
Thomas Eriksson - Vocals
Hans Lilja - Drums
Patrik Andersson Winberg - Bass
Jens Florén - Guitar
Tommy Stegemann - Guitar
Patric Grammann - Guitar 
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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