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DungeonHammer - Infernal Moon

Infernal Moon
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 18 November 2018, 10:54 AM

DUNGEONHAMMER formed in France/Holland in 2009. From their Bandcamp page, they are a “blistering and repulsive old school Black Metal band, bubbling with purulence and decay.” The title track leads off the album, with a bit of an amalgam between Thrash Metal and Black Metal. The vocals are definitely more within the realm of Thrash metal, though the tempo is more mid-paced, and the structure of the song is very linear as well. The Black Metal elements elements come a bit into play around the three-minute mark, when the song slows and begins to drone. “Sworn in Blood” is a quick two minutes, with a straightforward riff and gritty vocals, and a less-than memorable sound overall. “Empire de la Mort” is a three-minute track, with an easy listening riff and shouted vocals. It sometimes also borders on the Punk or Hardcore genre at times as well.

“Solitudinem Mysteriis” is a six-minute song, with a slow and grinding riff, and a generic guitar solo, not offering much more than that. “Perpetual Funeral Winds” opens with some mystery, with quiet clear guitars maintaining some suspense. When the main riff slams in, it’s more of the same, with a depressing sound, like there’s no good in the world. There’s a little bit of riff variation here and some Doomy qualities as well. “Stigma Diaboli” is the second longest song on the album, at close to seven minutes in length. A slow, crushing riff opens the song, leading to a lumbering groove. A guitar solo ushers in a bit of a quicker pace, but the song is stuck on the ground.

“Oracle of Death” is another fast-moving track at just over two minutes. It’s barely enough time to take it in, yet alone form an opinion on what you are listening to. “Ad Infinitum” closes the album, at over seven minutes. The crushing riff pulverizes your senses, with a repetitive scope. It lingers on just a bit too long, without anything additional to say. Overall, this was just a mediocre album without a lot to talk about. I can’t find many positives on a sound that has been done and re-done, except for the blending of several styles, but I don’t liken this for old-school Black Metal much at all. There are no vocal shrieks, no wall of sound, and no blast beat drumming, It’s a riff driven effort for sure.

Songwriting: 3
Originality: 3
Memorability: 2
Production: 6

1 Star Rating

1. Infernal Moon
2. Sworn in Blood
3. Empire de la Mort
4. Solitudinem Mysteriis
5. Perpetual Funeral Winds
6. Stigma Diaboli
7. Oracle of Death
8. Ad Infinitum
R. – Drums
E. – Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Me Saco Un Ojo Records


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