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Dusius - Memory of a Man

Memory of a Man
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 05 July 2017, 12:42 PM

This is the first full-length album by the Italian Folk Metal band. Their released a three song Demo back in 2013. The album has some pretty awesome cover art with the mountain tops and the high moon. I almost thought this was album cover by a Stoner Metal band to be honest. Props to the artist for doing a pretty good job on this one. DUSIUS have three types of vocals, you got the Melodic Death Metal screeching, the Death Metal growls and the clean singing (well an attempt at clean singing nonetheless). The growls are the best ones of the almost and are very reminiscent of Angela Gossow in her time with ARCH ENEMY. It sounds a bit also like the lead singer of AMON AMARTH in their earlier albums. The problem with all this is the horrible clean vocals. They are very uneven and uninspired. The singer has huge troubles with the grasp of the English language and it takes away from the songs themselves.

Especially the spoken word and narration on '' Dead-End Cave'' which is horrendous. I had trouble finishing the song because it irritated me to the highest point. When you do narration, especially in the shakespearian language, you have to master the language or ask someone to do it for you if you can't. Well they tried to it themselves and there are just simply butchering the language. The music ain't half bad but the bad clean vocals just makes me derail and lose sight of the songs. The lyrics are unoriginal and sometimes the syntax isn't correct. I was wondering sometimes what the meaning was of some of the sentences because the words seem to be out of place. Rarely I really listen attentively to the lyrics but this time I made the extra effort (and regretted it immediately). The songs are uneven as well, they are sudden rhythm changes and sometimes you can 2-3 or even 4 different vocal styles in the matter of a minute and it seems way too hectic. You can't really concentrate on enjoying the song because it goes everywhere. It's manic, it's way too complicated. They tried to put too much stuff on songs and every song seems to be a buffet of music and styles.

However, Fab does some pretty awesome drumming. He is the best out there and by far the best member of the band. He seems to be putting his heart in it compared to the other members that seem to be going through the motions. Some songs are chaotic and the sounds (which are way too loud and were badly produced) of the Bagpipes and the Hurdy Gurdy get on the nerves on the listener pretty quick. They have some promise when they have those Melodic Death Vocals and they should stick to it from now on.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Funeral March
2. Slainte
3. Desecrate
4. The Rage of Gods
5. Worried
6. One More Pain
7. Dear Elle
8. Dead-End Cave
9. Hope
10. The Betrayal
11. Coldsong
12. Funeral March II
13. Hierogamy
Kra - Guitars, Songwriter
Alle - Keyboards, Songwriter
Paso - Vocals (backing), Bass, Songwriter
Rocco - Vocals (backing), Guitars, Songwriter
High - Vocals (lead), Songwriter
Fab - Drums, Songwriter
Davide - Bagpipes, Flute, Hurdy gurdy
Record Label: Rockshots Records


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