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Dusk – Spectrums

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 27 January 2023, 3:34 AM

From their EPK, “DUSK is a lead electric guitar player with experience of nearly 10 years in the music field, working in various music genres such as Metal, Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, and EDM. His newest album here is titled “Spectrums,” and it has twelve songs, including a host of special guests. DUSK hail from Saudi Arabia. “The World We Used to Know” is the first. The opening tones are quite charming. The music is deep with rumbling bass and smooth guitars, and the vocals are very emotive. It grows harder from there with harsh vocals and Djent heaviness, then backs off again. Melodies flow like a rushing river.

“Digging Deeper” is heavy out of the gates, with harsh vocals and more Djent elements. In keeping with the spirit of his many styles, the vocals are “rapped” at times, reflecting some of the movement of “modern” Metal bands. “Breath In, Breath Out” begins with a dose of melody in the leads, and a heavy bottom end from the rhythms. Again, the modern Metal influences can easily be heard, especially in the vocal style. “Lethal Perspectives” is as the title suggests; a fiercely weighted sound with a slow, bruising groove. It turns from heavy to punishing in the short running time of three minutes.

“Agnes of Rome” has a darker sheen and is even more brutal than the previous song, with harsh vocals raging throughout. But, the sound dies to a more atmospheric and pensive sound later…this kind of development is really nice, keeping the album from being too one-dimensional. “Karma Will Find You” strikes out of the box, with a Pop/Electronic sound. This was totally unexpected, but also shows the talent of the songwriters. It segues into a heavier sound, then back. “Someone to Trust” has a harder electronic edge to begin, followed by more Modern Metal elements. I don’t mind the electronica at all…in fact it adds more dimension to the music. The clean female vocals almost sound robotic, furthering the development of the album.

“Only You” features clean vocals exclusively. This pensive and emotional song is heavy but also quite melodic, something that the band interchanges often. The lead break after the second chorus is done with a steady hand, keeping on the melody line. “Celestials” is another song heavy with electronics but also some wonderful melodies. The harmonized female vocals fuel the sound. The leads are cracking as well. “Absence of Full” closes the album. It’s a short instrumental that lets you down gently, as any good closing song should. The album is adventurous, but met head on. They also assembled a great cast of supporting guests that bring a variety to the album, such that you never know what sound might be coming next. The description of styles mentioned in the beginning reflect how diverse the album really is. Each song is performed meticulously, thoughtfully, and confidently.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The World We Used to Know
2. Digging Deeper
3. Breath In, Breath Out
4. Hatred
5. Lethal Perspectives
6. Agnes of Rome
7. Burning in My Mind
8. Karma Will Find You
9. Someone to Trust
10. Only You
11. Celestials
12. Absence of Full
Record Label: Independent


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