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Dusks Embrace - ReAwakening Award winner

Dusks Embrace
by Jussi Gough at 08 May 2017, 12:21 PM

There comes times in a music reviewer's history where a band out of nowhere takes one by surprise. By surprise does it mean within the listening senses or more, by my definition it is more due to the artistic melodious energy that spreads via it's exposure. Some of the groups and artists that have came my way thus far have an interesting appeal some signed and unsigned, but these four melodic death prog metal gents from Salem, Oregon (USA) are sure to give the best to the rest. DUSKS EMBRACE hit the metal shores with their third independent release to date titled ReAwakening which infuses poignant gothic trances branching out classic refined metal. Eight songs that inspire the mentality to take a backseat to life and enjoying the pleasures of the moment, to which DUSKS EMBRACE is now known for.

ReAwakening waltzes into gear with their first song “Harbinger” which gently expresses gothic elements that crash into waves of harsh vocals, tender synths to distorted afflicted guitar structures. One of the benefits of their lyrical songwriting that covers the areas of doubt, social issues and depression is that they match the music to the emotive atmosphere they create lyrically. Appears that DUSKS EMBRACE are skillfully attuned to their environment which one can plainly hear given song “Face Forward” which vocalist Aldo Arevalo's singing which is reminisce to STING (early POLICE) gives a animated charge to which the rest of the band match equally.

Two instrumental pieces that are a sheer delight to the senses are “Reflections” and “ReAwakening” for each song unto themselves show another shadowy yet responsive side to DUSKS EMBRACE. “Reflections” displays introspective guitar playing contentment mixed with a backdrop of soft nature sounds of rain and singing birds adding a peaceful element. “ReAwakening” itself is the finality of the record which shows DUSKS EMBRACE's musical tale spinning to a close with a haunting piece to finish it's encore. One might ponder DUSKS EMBRACE to imbue some early fragments of DHG and EBOLA JOY (Sitra Achra-2006) and the environment of IF THESE TREES COULD TALK (Red Forest-2012). If reflective music inspires a trip to a destination unknown then take a seat and enjoy a ReAwakening.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Harbinger
2. With Cleansing Flames
3. Face Forward
4. Psychasthenia
5. Reflections
6. Lydian Dreams
7. Winter's Epitaph
8. ReAwakening
Aldo Arevalo-Vocals
Josh Brewer-Guitar/Backing vocals
Myke Daniel-Bass/Backing vocals
Liam Manly-Drums
Record Label: Independent


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