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Dust In Mind - CTRL Award winner

Dust In Mind
by Kevin Lewis at 24 January 2022, 1:36 PM

DUST IN MIND is a Power Metal band from Strasbourg, France. Formed in 2014, they have enjoyed considerable success in Europe, playing festivals and touring with noted acts like JINJER and ARCH ENENY. Throwing in some excellent blending elements, they bring in hints of symphonic and death metal. They are currently signed to Darktunes Music Group. CTRL, their fourth full-length album released November 19th. 2021.

The record opens with a bit of ethereal sounding keys and vocals. Then, the riff kicks in and we get the first taste of the rage. “Lost Control” has Jennifer singing clean and Damien using a lot of grit and even a few growls. The guitar work is quite exquisite. The lead tones over the riff are a great addition, giving the song a killer texture. The feel is rough, but also melodic.

Take Me Away” starts with a nice, brutal riff. The keys underneath that riff are a great addition. The bass is heavy and dark and the drums are so solid. Like in the song before, the rhythm section is not hidden, but does “lurk” a bit under the guitars. They are heard, but you need to listen to get the full effect. This is what draws me into their songs so well. As I listen for the rhythm, I get a deeper appreciation of the music as a whole.

For a nice change of pace, check out “Freefall.” The ballad-like feel to the opening is solemn and somber, full of longing and desire. The tone and tempo are subdued, but not light and full of happiness. This is how I envision a dark ballad sounding. The heavy section towards the end is amazing. After being lulled into a sense of near peace with that guitar work, the kick in the face that happens is a beautiful shock to the system. I love how the vocal trail off sets that shift up perfectly. The powerful vocals that finish the song are fantastic, and the fade out is solid.

Another great example of the killer guitar work is the riff on “Speak for The Voiceless.” The lyrics fit this songs tone so well. The song is angry and wants to raise the one’s who have been oppressed up. This entire record has an angry edge to it, and this is one of the best examples of how DUST IN MIND expresses their rage, both lyrically and musically. If the record ended here, this would be my favorite song.

Fortunately, there is one more song here. “No Way Out” is my favorite tune. The guitar work is a bit shreddy, a bit melodic. The rhythm is powerful where it has to be and subdued where necessary. The vocals are all over the place, gritty, growled, clean and belted. The dual vocalist system works extremely well here. I’m reminded of LACUNA COIL on this one and that really pleases me. I love that band and am falling for this one hard! The keyboards are woven in to the riff so well here they become a third lead.

DUST IN MIND are four albums into a what I hope is a long and prolific career. They fit into the melodic, power, symphonic soundscape extremely well. The vocals are excellent, the rhythms are killer and the lead work of the guitars and keys are dynamic! This is a great album and should be heard at high volume and on loop. There is so much layering and texture to it that you have to listen to it repeatedly just to catch all the nuance.

Take a few spins and listen for different things each time, the guitars once, the keys another time, then the rhythms. You will be amazed at how complex this record is and how much there is to really hear. The layering of the vocals, the interaction of the guitars and keyboards, all add up to massive songs. The fact the lyrics are also poignant and relatable are an added bonus. I really hope DUST IN MIND can get to the United States for a tour sometime on the near future. I really want to hear how these songs come across live.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

5 Star Rating

1. Lost Control
2. Take Me Away
3. Empty
4. Synapses
5. Freefall
6. W.G.A.C.A
7. Break
8. The White Page
9. Speak for The Voiceless
10. No Way Out
Jennifer Gervais – Vocals
Xavier Guiot – Bass
Thomas Marasi – Drums
Damien Dausch – Guitar/Vocals
Philippe Miralles – Guitar
Record Label: Dark Tunes Music Group


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