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Dusty Chopper – Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & the Devil

Dusty Chopper
Rednecks, Cigars, Whiskey & the Devil
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 14 August 2020, 6:11 AM

Beer and gasoline fueled southern Metal from Budapest. Founded in October 2010 by members of FORGET THE PAST. This is their second EP after 2014’s Tales of the Swamp. Since 2016’s first Full-Length album, Hell of a Ride, they have replaced previous Bassist and Vocalist Gergely Vajda as well as Vocalist before him Róbert Kis. Two other Bassists have also left Szabolcs Hőnich and Dániel Somodi in that order.

Back on the Road” starts off like a mix of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY style sludge and mixing up with HELLYEAH cowboy ways. It’s a decent mix. The instrumental side of it are like a bar room band that you’d expect the Outlaw Southern Rock style music to bring. Its catchy enough that feet will tap even if heads wont exactly bang. Not a bad start at all. “Mississipi Air” builds up slowly. It doesn’t quite have the same spark as its predecessor. The first half of the song is a bit boring and lackluster. You can hear in the second half that they try to spark it up, but fails to ignite. Not the best song I’ve ever heard

Dive Bar” sounds more like the first song, but the issue here is it hardly sounds different at all. This is a drinking song, as they say, can I say much more? No “Redneck Rampage” keeps up the way of talking to the audience, as if it were a live performance. Soon it works out like the rest of the songs, high tempo to start with limited vocal excitement, not against what is being said, but its all in the same way and pace as every other song. Not original at all.

Dead Reckoning” makes me think that this could have been one long song, the entire album as its all the same. Interest levels diminished. Its got the same build up and approach as we have heard in every song. Reminds me of poorer version of SACRED MOTHERS TONGUE. Its hard to write anything really original about the song as the song is not original at all. It’s a carbon copy of the rest of the album but changing the lyrics. Give me a chance.

Moonshine Baby” not gonna lie, I was expecting to be told it was the last song and we’d been a great audience. It is a little different from the mold, but the guitar chords still sound the same as every song on the fucking album. They needed a big finish, some sort of fury, a solos war maybe. We got neither. We got nothing special and nothing different what so ever. Disappointing.

Would I watch these guys in a bar if it was free? Yes. Would I invest in them? Nope. The album is about ten years too late; it would have gone better back when Sludge Cowboy Rock was a bigger thing, now it’s just something we have heard enough of by many artists. The whole album needed so many changes of styles, a song here, a solo here, a change of vocal ideas. Nothing. The big question there is, would this have made the album better? Potentially. Would the band ever have done this? Doubt it.

2 Star Rating

1. The Return (Intro) (Instrumental)
2. Back on the Road
3. Mississipi Air
4. Dive Bar
5. Redneck Rampage
6. Dead Reckoning
7. Moonshine Baby
Balázs Buza – Lead Vocals
Borisz Sarafutgyinov – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Zsolt Harsányi – Bass Guitar
Levente Séd – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 12 April 2021

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