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Dyecrest - Are You Not Entertained?

Are You Not Entertained?
by John Paul Romero at 08 July 2018, 5:23 AM

DYECREST is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Mikkeli, Finland. The band was formed back in 1993 with their first name “Fairytale” until they changed it to “Dyecast” in 2001 and finally with the name DYECREST since 2003. “Are You Not Entertained?” came out 13 years after their recent release “This is My Wood” and is their third album in 25 years.

“Fading/Reaching” opens the album just like the calm before the storm, starting with a drums-bass intro into a full blown melody of keyboards and guitars. It showcases a mix of a traditional sound of Heavy Metal and a modern style of power metal vocals and musical arrangement. It also has a very catchy chorus that will surely make the track one of the favorites from the record. It will be followed by yet another energetic track, “Red Alert” that will give you an excellent reason to bang your head. The song parades a very powerful vocals which includes both high notes and some gutturals. Tracks “The Stage is Set” and “No Fear” possess almost the same vocal energy and melodies except that the tunes were a bit slower. These tracks were a bit of a transition from high energy openers to a little bit slower, controlled aggressive vibe but without alienating the listeners from the album.

The following track “First Born Angel” is by far the catchiest and most sophisticated track in the album. It has a choir intro, like the one featured in FREEDOM CALL’s “Warriors”. The lyrics are written to be a memorable anthem of the band. It also has a purely melodic guitar solo. The track “Are You Entertained” however is very much of a step down considering the beauty and near-perfection bannered by the tracks before it. The vocals does not lack the intensity, the presence of the drums is authoritative, but the song, overall is simply boring. Maybe it’s because the song’s predecessors are very excellently written and delivered, while the song (Are You Entertained) sticks out as an average entry.

The adrenaline paraded by the first five tracks only return until the 10th track, “Devil Dance”. “For The Better (They Will Die)” is very much like the track “Are You Entertained”. Honestly, if this track title will be answered, it will be NO. Not because it’s ugly, because it’s NOT ugly at all. Actually, both are good tracks as well. It’s simply because these tracks just can’t keep up with the very high bar set by the first tracks, and so because of it, they don’t seem to be perfectly fit for the album.

“Where the Light was Born” is that one track that every power metal band has – it’s a kind of a slow rock, where one of the roots of power metal can be traced. It’s a mid-tempo semi-ballad type of a song which shows the overall versatility of the band from the tempo, instrumentation, down to the vocals. “Nuku Vaan” is a full-on ballad. The song is a statement that DYECREST can make you bang your head and make you go to sleep both in a beautiful way. “Winterblood” is an emotionally powerful ballad and is another standout, and one to remember. No other word will describe this track, but perfect. From the tunes, the lyrics, the singing – everything is perfectly crafted. The album will then be closed with an instrumental, “The Time Has Come”.

The album is somewhat progressive, starting with high-octane songs and slowly progressing to slower and steadier tracks. The only lacking element is the solos, which might give an even more exciting and complete listening experience. “Fading/Reaching”, “Red Alert”, “First Born Angel” and “Winterblood” are favorites, while “Are You Entertained” and “For the Better” are down moments.

 Songwriting: 9
Originality: 10
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Fading/Reaching
2. Red Alert
3. The Stage is Set
4. No Fear
5. First Born Angel
6. Breaking News
7. Are You Entertained?
8. Where the Light Was Born
9. For The Better (They Will Die)
10. Devil Dance
11. Nuku Vaan
12. Winterblood
13. The Time Has Come
Jukka "Zoukki" Matilainen – Bass
Niko Takala – Drums
Henri Arola – Guitars
Pirkka "Pirkkis" Ohlis – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Matti Pasanen – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mikael Salo – Lead Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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Edited 18 September 2019

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