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Dying Eden - Perish to Exist

Dying Eden
Perish to Exist
by Suicide Cliff at 12 October 2021, 6:24 AM

Founded in 2012 Austrian Groove Metal band DYING EDEN continues to bring the heavy riffs to your ears in their heavy album “Perish to Exist”.  Laden with driving beats and tasty leads, their new album is full of passion and power.  The album was released independently in March of 2021.  The first song of the album after the intro track of “Shutdown - F”, is “We Created Havoc”.  There’s a fast tempo guitar riff in the beginning which draws in the listener right away.  After this it goes straight into the grooves and Alfred Fankhauser comes in with his unique styled mid-range vocals.  This song has a nice breakdown part with bending guitar notes and slamming drums.  There’s a guitar solo which is backed by a riff reminiscent of the intro riff afterward there are some sweet guitar harmony licks which explode back into the break down.  A massive song and a great way to start the album in my opinion.

“Together Alone” is my favorite track on the album.  It’s super heavy right from the beginning then has a quick and bouncy verse before going into some of the more brutal aspects of their sound yet again.  The lead guitars that are played in the pre-chorus are very exotic sounding.  The chorus is just a simple chant of the track title but it’s very effective in summoning the feelings of solidarity even in the face of division.  The vocals are really poignant and placed very well within the song.  It’s definitely a banger and I would imagine it totally rips when performed in a live setting.

“Axotol” is another standout track.  It comes in with clean guitars with very cool harmonies and interplay going on then it smacks you in the face with some chunky riffs and grooves.  There’s some refreshing and rocking riffs which make a really cool euphoric feeling wash over you.  The clean guitars come back in to create an upbeat and hopeful atmosphere for the lead guitars to lay down their sweet and sultry tones.  It finishes nicely by going back into the headbanging chorus.

Another noteworthy track is “Tales of Rebnijr”.  It has a similar intro style to “Axotol” in that it starts with really relaxed and chill clean guitars which complement each other perfectly.  This time around though the heavy vocals break right into the song and contrast with the clean tones beautifully.  The chorus is a headbanger for sure and the lyrics inspire solidarity and unity against a certain adversity.  I really love the dynamics of this song between the rests and crushing parts. DYING EDEN delivers a top notch album with hard hitting rhythms and relentless vocals.  I’m definitely excited to hear what they would be able to create in the future and would love to see them performing live to get the full experience of what the band has to offer.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Shutdown - F
2. We Created Havoc
3. Reckoning the Endless
4. Axotol
5. Discordia
6. Dead on the Inside
7. Together Alone
8. Shadows
9. Nur Ein Gedicht
10. Tales of Rebnijr
11. Demise
12. The Sacred Unkown
13. Empty Soul II
Markus Wechselberger - Drums
Markus Oberwalder - Guitars
Marcus Erler - Guitars, Vocals
Alfred Fankhauser - Vocals
Florian Steiner - Bass
Record Label: 7Hard


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