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Dymytry - Revolt Award winner

by Craig Rider at 15 March 2022, 5:19 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: DYMYTRY; signed via AFM Records, hailing from Czech Republic grounds - performing Alternative/Nu-Metal, on their 6th album entitled: “Revolt” (released 14th of January 2022). Since formation in 2006; the quintet in question have 5 EPs, 6 Full-length albums, and 1 Live Album in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 6th Full-length album entitled: “Revolt”. 12 tracks ranging around 45:32; DYMYTRY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Alternative/Nu-Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with a blistering guitar groove; the titular track revs up the rompiness with rampantly trailblazing mobility, shredding with melodic rhythms & jumpy punchiness that thunders with choppy crunchiness amongst a boisterously bouncy foundation in catchy harmony. Arming a ripping overdose on some riveting snappiness, strident swerves & sturdy thuds of organically piledriving stability that rumbles with reverberating weight. Frolicking chugs gallop with solid slabs of sonically seamless chiseling, as a hybrid density in “Stronger” distils a eletronica style symbiosis where the alternative alteration fuses symphonic synth work while versatile trembles from consisting guitar maelstrom virtuosos Jan "Gorgy" Görgel & Jiří "Dymo" Urban towers with quirky snappiness, vibrantly potent dexterity and dynamic distinctions that rollick with a grandiose utilization on vehement yet volatile rifting prowess that will rock your world in no time.

300” showcases Spartan territory from guest vocals Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson, surging with throaty shoutiness & warrior-class growls among clean persistence of singing pipes that shine with rawly rough tonality. Alen Ljubic also on vocals supplies similar quintessential chords as a hefty density unleashes these deep chimes of profusely robust singing momentum that juxtaposes a complex style of upbeat yet grunty calamity, roaring with zestful soars & an intriguing variety which portrays a diligent outburst of prestigious quavering chants in which revels with listenable elegance. “Never Gonna Die” enraptures a gravitational hook in euphonic firepower expertise, clobbering grooves and mellifluous songwriting musicianship that makes me marvel with the sublime remedy in place. A hammering fabrication from battering drummer Miloš "Mildor" Meier rambunctiously stomps the set with steely perseverance while thumpy bass audibility from Artur "R2R" Mikhaylov flickers his axe with weighty synergy, slaying grinds lacerate with killer rips and a strong yet mighty forge in sulfurous significance that will bop heads in no time.

Rise And Shine” systematically tremors with tenoring jingles that merges this meticulous substance on relentless yet artificially archaic culmination on linear spectrums of spectral heaviness and captivating ethereality, same with “Awaken The Monster” which unearths this spellbinding yet somewhat melancholic atmosphere - embedding a unique panache in ambient equality for immersive sake. Still shrouding with rich musical tunefulness and inventive craftsmanship ability, which raves with immersive fluidity & an utmost sheer sound production that really gets eardrums invigorated with rocking yet stampeding impact. “Until The World Knows Why” enforces this quirk of monolithic pursuit greatly, exceeding authentic instrumental quality tenfold with vivacious verve & just artistic archetypes of motivating masterclass material that thrills souls with spectacle majesty.

Touchdown” beats down with razor-sharp grips and concretely gritty distortion, as gnarly hymns exquisitely inject an infectiously venomous outburst on some flexibly fundamental wickedness while radical bulldozing belts a bruising effect in throttling mayhem that ruthlessly engages in a bashfully brisk conundrum exceptionally well. “Tick Tock” fires all cylinders with meaty skill, as bodacious creativity excels with vigourous rigor & overwhelming revolution on an evolutive formulaic - as nothing short of sheer progression bursts into a barrage frenzy of technical furore and clamor as lavish auxiliary chocks bodies full of acute but ferocious havoc for all motoring maniacs to enjoy. “Hope” snares with more scouring tones, tremolo patterns & vicious riffs that just jams with prominently dazzling efficaciousness. Flaring with upheaval malice & otherworldly transparency, similarly profound with the epic cover by MICHAEL JACKSONSomebody’s Watching Me” featuring an eclatful performance with Victor Smolski - this one is for sure one of those live crowd pleasers that no doubt DYMYTRY will surely play - those who knows this song will definitely hum to this one.

Overall concluding “Revolt” with the finale banger: “Chernobyl 2.0” which sounds like a cover from THE CRANBERRIES’ “Zombie” song a little bit… with that light jingle for an enjoyably entertaining experience. This record implements a diversely vast pattern of almost all things metal, it’s a discovery worth spinning & replaying a good few times. One to listen to should you fancy a bit of an energy curve for one of those days, do check it out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Revolt
2. Stronger
3. 300 \[feat. Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson]
4. Never Gonna Die
5. Rise And Shine
6. Awaking The Monster
7. Until The World Knows Why
8. Touchdown
9. Tick Tock
10. Hope
11. Somebody's Watching Me \[Michael Jackson cover] \[feat. Victor Smolski]
12. Chernobyl 2.0
Alen Ljubic - Vocals
Jiří "Dymo" Urban - Guitars
Jan "Gorgy" Görgel - Guitars
Miloš "Mildor" Meier - Drums
Artur "R2R" Mikhaylov - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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