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Dynahead - Chordata II Award winner

Chordata II
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 22 January 2014, 2:50 PM

“Wonderful” or “perfect”, or another word you use can describe what this album really is.

Brazilian band DYNAHEAD, coming from Brasilia (the country capital, you know) really astonished the ol’ Big Daddy with “Chordata II”, the second part of a conceptual story written by Caio Duarte, and the band really did something that’s not from this world! Maybe the best Brazilian album from 2014, and we’re just in the second half of January.

When you hear the album, you’ll confirm my words.

As intense and destroyer of boundaries as his predecessor, “Chordata I”, the new album follows the same musical style, the fusion of aggressiveness and melodies, with broken tempos, Progressive melodies, and the use of some aspects of Brazilian music as Chorinho, MPB. Bossa Nova and even Samba (please, not that disgusting thing you hear during our Carnival… That’s just crap). Great vocal work (using the clean voices, low grunts and screamed high pitches), excellent guitars, and a very technical rhythmic kitchen work (bass and drums, you know), as heavy and technical you can think. And the music pulsing with life, personality, and with originality.

Caio Duarte took the duty of producing the album by himself, and this album seems like it was recorded in another country, for it sound clean and heavy in the same doses, with every little detail of their music showed to the listener. And the artwork from Chris Panatier is wonderful, showing that “Chordata II” is linked to its first par, but being another work. And by the way, the order of songs starts really from 10 (following the other from “Chordata I”).

About the tracks, we must say that DYNAHEAD’s level is too high. Obviously some orthodox Metal fans (especially those who live with mind in the past) will reclaim, or how we say here in Brazil, will be doing an endless “mimimi”, but forget them all. The album is wonderful for itself.

Five tracks compose the album: “Jugis” is something of wonderful, with great rhythmic changes and fine guitar work. “Legis” is more technical and with some modern touches, with vocals going from clean and soft ones to more extreme, and no, not breaking the harmonic sense. “Moten” is a more dry song, more aggressive, with more broken tempos (what shows a fantastic work from bass guitar and drums). “Numinous” is the last track, a more silky song. But the ol’ Big Daddy left one song for the last to write about: “Kode”.

Lasting 20:47 minutes, “Kode” is one of the greatest Brazilian Metal songs of all times, full of variations you can imagine, with some clean moments that are inserts of Brazilian Bossa Nova, some extreme parts, broken tempos, rhythmic changes, and by my words, you can think of something chaotic, but it isn’t. It’s coherent, and wonderful.

But if you want to check by yourselves what Big Daddy here says, you can, for “Chordata II” is available for digital free download here: D Y N A H E A D . S H O P

Marvelous, fantastic, wonderful… All these words can be synonym for DYNAHEAD!

5 Star Rating

1. Jugis
2. Kode
3. Legis
4. Mortem
5. Numinous
Caio Duarte – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Diego Teixeira – Bass
Diogo Mafra – Guitars
Pablo Vilela – Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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