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Dysnomia - As Chaos Descends

As Chaos Descends
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 28 October 2013, 3:44 PM

Making Metal music in Brazil and in other countries of the world is not a very easy task, for economical problems arise everywhere, and all of that can damage good music. But in some cases, the difficulties to overcome make a band stronger, and their music either, as in the case of DYSNOMIA, that comes from São Carlos (in São Paulo, Brazil), that after a Demo CD in 2009, finally comes with “As Chaos Descends”, a brutal 3 songs EP.

They mix a Death Metal style with great doses of Thrash Metal’s adrenalin to create a pounding, brutal and harsh music, but with good technique level, with grunt vocals, powerful guitar riffs (the solos could be better), and rhythmic kitchen (bass guitar and drums work, for the ones who do not know this expression) heavy and with a good work. But prepare you necks, for you’ll shake your heads mercilessly hearing their music for sure.

Good sound production, a fine artwork, but all of us are more interested in heavy music, aren’t us?

If you want extreme Metal, for sure you’ll get it with DYSNOMIA.

“As Chaos Descends” opens the EP, and it is a strong song, with a compact wall of guitar riffs and efficient solos. “In Revolt” is an abrasive song, a punch in the face that can break all the teeth, again with good guitar work and changes in tempos. And closing (unfortunately) comes “Casus Belli”, a bolt of aggression in a more Thrash Metal way, showing good vocal work, and with bass and drums weighting heavy to every side.

You can trust in their work, and the EP is able for free download in their SoundCloud page, but don’t come and tell me anything if your neighbors try to rip your balls out.

So, as a great friend of mine in Brazilian Metal press, Called Christiano K.O.D.A. says, they deserve a full-length as soon as possible.

4 Star Rating

1. As Chaos Descends
2. In Revolt
3. Casus Belli
João Jorge – Vocals, guitars
Julio Cambi – Guitars
Denilson Sarvo – Bass
Érik Robert – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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