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Dysphotic – The Eternal Throne Award winner

The Eternal Throne
by Brian "Metal" Morton at 09 December 2018, 9:55 PM

Hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico comes DYSPHOTIC their first full length album “The Eternal Throne”. The first thing I would like to say about this album is GOD DAMN! From the moment the first track “Away from the Light” begins it’s a barrage of epic Death Metal unleashed upon your ears. Zac Hogan and Augustine Ortiz kill it on the guitars. Ben Durfee’s drumming is absolutely insane and Corbin’s vocals are absolutely immaculate. For a freshman album they have absolutely outdone themselves.

The second track “Abyssal Plain” keeps up with the sheer brutality of the previous track. Death Metal personified, this album is definitely going to be in my top ten list for releases of 2018. This song makes me want to destroy everything around me with a giant smile on my face. The third track “The Formless Void” just absolutely shreds your face into oblivion. It’s just pure aggression written into a wonderful mixture of Death with a hint of Black Metal.

“Aura of Insanity” is definitely slower than the previous songs but that doesn’t take away from how great it is at all. You will be headbanging and fist pumping for about three and a half minutes. Honestly it’s hard for me to believe this is their first full length album. This has been put together as well as some of the best veteran death metal bands, and that can take decades to perfect their sound. DYSPHOTIC can only get better from here. Another song I really enjoyed was “Aether and Chaos”, it had me from the very start, absolutely phenomenal.

In my opinion the best song by far is also the longest on the album, “Tenebrae Aeternum” is a fucking absolute masterpiece. I don’t know exactly what it is about this track that gets me but it is pure fucking metal! The last song I would like to point out is the final song on the album “Abductor” has almost a Blackened Death Metal mixed with Doom sound to it. It’s utterly fantastic and I cannot express more, how much you need to go purchase this album immediately! You will hate yourself if you don’t get this one ASAP! Great job guys! I look forward to listening to this on repeat for a while. Keep up the good work and you all will be headlining your own tours before you know it!


5 Star Rating

1. Away from the Light
2. Abyssal Plain
3. The Formless Void
4. Aura of Inanity
5. Daemon Sultan
6. Aether and Chaos
7. Tenebrae Aeternum
8. Anathema
9. Supreme Ritual
10. Curse of the Augur
11. Abductor
Zac Hogan – Guitars
Augustine Ortiz – Bass/Guitar
Corbin – Bass/Vocals
Ben Durfee  - Drums
Record Label: Entelodon Records


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