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Dysrider – Bury The Omen Award winner

Bury The Omen
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 13 April 2015, 9:43 PM

DYSRIDER is a Symphonic Death Metal band from Morges, Switzerland. Originally created under the name TROPHALLAXY in 2007, the band has released two studio albums "DawnFall" (2010), "Resilience" (2013) and a demo "Unfairytale" (2008). They play traditional Symphonic Metal and add a more aggressive style by incorporating more elements specific to Death Metal. The contrast between the sweet voice of the singer Joëlle, her cello and the keyboard, with the Death vocals of Jonathan, rapid and violent rhythmic of the guitar, the bass and the drums, is even more striking and original. Fresh album of this Swiss group, “Bury The Omen” was released on 27th February 2015 – this is their first album under the DYSRIDER name.

“Bury The Omen” is a perfect title track opening by whispering female, melody and nice riffs. Here everything is perfectly well-worked. Calmer piano with heavier riffs and growling man in Death Metal style amazing fit to this music and also female singing in Opera melodic style with Symphonic Metal influences. This track is a gentle mix with unbelievable power and impressive guitar work with rhythmic section! Heavier guitars, fabulous Death Metal style with melody and many Symphonic elements are in “Witness Our Fall”. Gentle female vocals together with the male growling sounds just excellent! Massive powerful riffs and drums are amazing and guitar solo is total killer! I love this memorable refrain with power!

Thundering drums with heavier guitars and growling man with fantastic clear singing female Joëlle are in “Against Your Hold”. What a powerful refrain which is so catchy. Growling Jonathan gives more aggressive together with energetic drums and fantastic guitars with many melodic riffs. Symphonic elements and also melodic brilliant guitar solo. Piano opening in “Time Of Decay” building atmosphere where are nice riffs in stronger way. This is massive sounding track with Cello, keys, pounding drums, aggressive growls and melodious vocal deliveries. Killer guitar solo gives goose-bumps! Here is amazing connection of calmer sounds with kick-ass power!

On this album are 2 instrumental tracks. First of them “Emergence” is the opener of album with gentle piano, keys, Symphonic elements and great drums, trumpets in pathetic style. What a perfect opener! Second of them “Bliss In Darkness” is the one I really love, with fast and massive drums, Symphonic sounds in the background, perfect cello, violins and many melodies!

Worth to listen are also: “Embers Reflection” with calmer opening and singing in quiet style and then impressive strength, Progressive change rate with growl and impressive guitar solo in Power Metal style, track “The Reckoning” with Symphonic heavier riffs & powerful rhythmic section, beautiful guitar solo and memorable singing, fabulous growling, fine cello and unbelievable power, wonderful “Blind Avengers” with clear singing by female vocalist and after kick-ass sounds with aggression and “Story Of Power” with fabulous guitars, style, double kicks and enjoyable Symphonic sounds.

Summing up, DYSRIDER play fantastic music. This album is totally interesting. Passion & experience is pouring out of this album! They create excellent music & they prove that they can to play calmer style of sounds and also fantastic powerful and even aggressive songs. Music of this Swiss band is perfectly worked. The album's production is on high level, inside is power, energy and melodic! Their music shows experience of musicians in Symphonic Melodic Death Metal with modern echoes. Highly recommended to every Metal fan, especially for female fronted Metal bands who want to find out how sounds mix of growling man with beauty of female vocals.

5 Star Rating

1. Emergence
2. Against Your Hold
3. Bury The Omen
4. Time Of Decay
5. Witness Our Fall
6. The Reckoning
7. Story Of Power
8. Blind Avengers
9. Bliss In Darkness
10. Embers Reflection
Joëlle Graz - Vocals, Cello
Jonathan Pellet - Death Vocals, Keyboards
Théo - Drums
Damien - Bass
Darryl - Guitar
Record Label: Tenacity Music


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