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Dystopia - Decay

by Dory Khawand at 08 November 2012, 5:11 PM

Many bands go by the name of DYSTOPIA in the Metal Archives, some are Black Metal, some are Sludge, well, and it’s a really popular name. These fellows here play a mixture of Thrash and Black Metal, and well, does it work for them? Sorry, but no!

The first thing I should note out about “Decay” is that the album is not produced well at all, not even average. I understand they’re Independent, but they didn’t work hard on the production. The second thing is that the feel you get from the first part does not go any changes or evolutions throughout the remaining part of the album, it’s pretty generic and only enjoyable if you want something plain harsh and straightforward. Finally, the vocals are decent at best, and won’t work for just anyone.

The mixture in styles is enjoyable throughout some songs like “Ascension” and “Game of Minds”, and the guitar riffing changes reasonably from time to time, but it’s like you only took a quarter-step forward and decided to turn back. I may have sounded unfair in the paragraph above, the band has its good moments throughout the album, they did make total garbage, and I’m sure this will sound really good played live.

DYSTOPIA is very average, and this release will not serve them well in the Metal scene. I suggest they improve their formula and stop taking bands for an inspiration of focus on their own sound… for once.

2 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Sovereign
3. Ascension
4. Merciless
5. Dies Irae
6. Game of Minds
7. Devastator
8. Retaliation 
Cees De Wit–Drums
Dennis Onsia – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Independent


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