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Dystopia - Way To Unfold

Way To Unfold
by Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai at 10 July 2014, 5:44 PM

This time it’s Hungary which offers us a discovery with DYSTOPIA, the progenitor of "Way To Unfold" seven years after an "Incompetence Drive" that went totally unnoticed. Yet relatively little relayed outside Hungary, the quartet is not less ambitious and eager to spread widely its music. To this end DYSTOPIA decided to put in net "Way To Unfold" for free. To those who think that free is synonymous with bad quality production, the Hungarians response with the most clearly manner.

They are mainly the codes of Modern Metal that structures "Way To Unfold" with fairly short formats based on the succession of verses and choruses, a reasonable number of melodic idea by piece. If the album is beautifully produced, showing real progress since "Incompetence Drive", do not seek large arrangements that are the hallmark of progressive metal. Yet the boundary between Alternative and Progressive Metal just waiting to explode at times as DYSTOPIA control the complexity and richness of the riffs ("Shut The Door '). A song like “Incomplete” carries obviously a misnomer because all the Progressive Metal is: instrumental and technical development, multiple choruses and choirs magnitude. DYSTOPIA proves its high quality in its constant ability to capture the immediate attention with solid and varied compositions, with great and original melodies without necessarily having recourse to imposing unpacking Progressive Metal.

We do not expect to find such a synthesis in an unexpected Hungarian group, such mastery and rendering that goes well beyond a simplistic classification. The developed and arpeggiated riffs research make the listener think about King's X (“Essential Casualties”), and unique work on the vocal harmonies install this impression forever. The ease to compose something in a nervous mid-tempo manner ("Way To Unfold” and “Incomplete “) refers directly to ALTER BRIDGE. If the influence of PAIN OF SALVATION was palpable in "Incompetence Drive" (with the title “Frustrated” in particular) "Way To Unfold" is more buoyant than fragments, and it is rather the power of a very sharp SOILWORK strikes in the very chthonic voice projections ("Shut The Door" or "New Sheet"). Height of his ability DYSTOPIA allows itself one last title (“Eltávozás”) in original version which includes some unpublished blackness demonstrating, in passing, that not everything has been said, far from it.

DYSTOPIA is one of the few revelations this year. The many detailed features here are not only good points accumulated in an evaluation grid. The talent of DYSTOPIA musicians acts as a catalyst to ensure the consistency and give its charm and great interest in this exhilarating drive.

3 Star Rating

1. Acid Smile
2. Devil's Playground
3. New Sheet
4. Way To Unfold
5. Shut The Door
6. Essential Casualties
7. Incomplete
8. Memories
9. Eltavozas
Vári Gábor – Guitars, Vocals
Mezey Balázs - Guitars
Bajusz Péter - Bass
Kovács Tamás – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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