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Dzjenghis Khan - Dzjenghis Khan (Reissue)

Dzjenghis Khan
Dzjenghis Khan (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 22 March 2019, 12:07 PM

“And then the 60’s are back” seems to be the driving idea that guides many people, even with Einstein’s theory of Relativity forbidding such thing. Although many think about the past and its music as the “best thing already done by mankind”, this is a wrong idea, for you won’t, even for a single moment, do something that will add a tiny note to what was already done by LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, BLUE CHER, THE WHO, ROLLING STONES or other name as you want. And DZJENGHIS KHAN is just another band trying to live in the 60’s and 70’s, as this reissue for “Dzjenghis Khan” is here to prove.

It’s just another boring musical work for those that can’t accept that the past is gone. It’s that blend of Bluesy groove with the old Rock‘n’Roll influences. And it’s instrumental, maybe trying to emulate what CREAM and BLUE CHEER did. But both bands already recorded and left their footprints on Rock history. No new band needs to give continuity to their works (because it’s impossible, and is a kind of distorted joke with them). The sound quality: just another one trying to emulate what was done 50 years in the past, moldy and raw to force things to be like on those days. The same and old confusion that many bands have: to sound organic and powerful doesn’t mean that you must sound dirty and nasty. Few bands reached good results using modern techs on recording and producing albums, so to be in the way “Dzjenghis Khan” is seems like a nasty joke.

Musically, the band has potential to do something good, as the listener can hear. The nasty and bluesy feeling of “Wildcat”, the distorted Rock ‘n’ Roll on “The Widow”, the catchy rhythm of “Avenue A”, the heavy weight show on “End of the Line”, and the ballad “Sister Dorien” are the ones that show how they are wasting their talent trying to sound as in the past. It’s a matter of creative skills, and they have. Just throw away the old albums, and breed something from your soul. You’re not so empty in this way…

Originality: 4
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Snake Bite
2. Wildcat
3. The Widow
4. No Time for Love
5. Avenue A
6. Against the Wall
7. Black Saint
8. End of the Line
9. Rosie
10. Sister Dorien
Lane Rider - Guitars
Binksebus Eruptum - Bass
Tommy Tomson - Drums
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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