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Grave Desecrator - Deathspells Rising (Re-issue)

Grave Desecrator
Deathspells Rising (Re-issue)
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 29 November 2012, 7:37 PM

From hell GRAVE DESECRATOR has risen to my ears, and as pleased as any extreme Metalhead, this band has returned some bitterness and rawness sometimes forgotten in my everyday development of a miserable life.

The aggressiveness given by these soldiers from hell is amazing, nothing out of the form, but still is good, harsh screams along the songs, very raw guitars, remembering some BATHORY songs, and the first records of SODOM, giving the big influence of the countrymen SARCOFAGO, very fast drums from the same hell, antichristian gore lyrics very well “destroyed” in the good sense, making the perfect company for the fast riffs and the very destructive aura you perceive along the minutes.

The really low point with this release is the horrible production, I know and I can feel that they try to give an old memory of nineties with the black atmosphere, but some songs that are really good, goes underrated cause of the same phenomena: low, really low quality.

To conclude this review, this band is a really blow up to your Metal roots, so try to remember how was the sound and the energy at that time and you got GRAVE DESECRATOR, do not even think for a minute in modernity… wow something good can come out of this. 

4 Star Rating

1. Intro (Hearing The Armies Gongs)
2. War Consecrated
3. Rise To Destruction
4. Faces Of Apocalyptic Battle
5. Apocalypse
6. War Consecrated
7. Holocaust
8. Sign Of Doom (Live)
9. Revelations (Of The Beast) (Live)
10. Carnal Obsession (Live)
11. Cursed Mass (Live)
12. Midnight Sinner (Live)
13. Christ's Blood (Live)
14. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
15. Stared To Hell
Butcherazor–Bass, Vocals
Vallakk The Necrogoat -Guitars
Black Sin and Damnation -Guitars
Márcio "Slaughterer" Cativeiro-Drums
Record Label:


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