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The Damnation – Parasite

The Damnation
by Andrew Graham at 03 January 2021, 7:24 PM

Brazilian girl-group THE DAMNATION explode onto the scene with a thrashy, deathy debut EP that perfectly blends the two extremes with some very satisfying tunes and riffs. To be sure, Parasite is a very strong opening to this very new band’s career. If this is any indication of things to come, these ladies have a bright musical future. It also feels important, especially under our present social circumstances, to support such an all-female act as this one. The spirit of GIRLSCHOOL seems very much alive and well!

“World’s Curse” opens with an almost METALLICA-esque bass solo (think “King Nothing”) before delving headlong into a driving thrash classic with more than a hint of melody. Guitars and bass are in perfect balance, making for some deeply satisfying harmonies between the two. Renata’s vocals sit very nicely in the thrash tradition (there actually is more than a passing resemblance to James Hetfield – listen and form your own judgement!)

“Apocalypse” opens on a more death metal note, indeed continues this vibe throughout to great effect. Less forgiving listeners might take issue with the slightly broken English, but then it is not their native tongue and, given the rest of the product, who really cares?! The opening to “Parasite” bears more than a passing resemblance that of “Fade to Black” (clearly METALLICA are a big influence here, and who can blame them?) We then dive into another driving thrash beat with the growls and snarls that we have become used to by this point. There are plenty of reverent nods to the thrash canon herein, truly a strong track and a real high point.

“Unholy Soldiers” begins with a solo bass riff that lays the foundation to a truly crushing and scary riff, the stuff of horror movies! My only complaint about it, indeed this applies throughout, is it seems a bit slow to me. For me thrash has that borderline-speed-of-light quality about it. I would definitely like to hear more from them when they turn the tempo up a bit. While there are a handful of moments like this they’re, sadly, the exception rather than the rule. What is here is very strong and a thunderous debut, they have great success to look forward to if they can hold this course.

It’s always gratifying to see thrash done well, as it’s been going for so long that in many ways it’s become a kind of parody of itself. There are a few corners where it’s done so well that it’s almost painful and reminds you just what is so remarkable about this in the first place. I would very much like to see these capable ladies included in that cohort: I’ve issued the challenge at your feet!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

  1. World’s Curse
  2. Apocalypse
  3. Parasite
  4. Unholy Soldiers
Renata Petrelli – Vocals and Guitars
Aline Dutchi – Bass and Backing Vocals
Leonora Mölka – Drums and Backing Vocals
Record Label: Xaninho Discos


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