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The Dust Coda – The Dust Coda Award winner

The Dust Coda
The Dust Coda
by Anton Sanatov at 01 December 2017, 3:45 PM

Neil Young once said: “Rock ‘n’ Roll will never die”. And whilst at the time that sentiment rang like the lines of a heavenly hymn from the lips of a celestial choir, in the modern day true Rock ‘n’ Roll has had those very survival instincts tested beyond their limits. Yes, those precious words still echo amongst the believers, yet in an era where the mainstream is taken over by every genre but good old fashion Rock, true fanatics are often left to reminisce over the hissing sounds of “Rust Never Sleeps”.

Yet there are still bands who fight the good fight and look to raise the musical crown back upon the ears of the beloved genre. London’s (UK) THE DUST CODA are without a doubt one such band. Born in 2015 this quartet of Rock N Roll disciples are hell-bent on bringing the jewels of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll into the 21st century and on their self-titled debut prove that they are more than up to the task.

First off, there is nothing “dusty” about this record. The sound on “The Dust Coda” is top-notch. The production is crisp and tight without sounding too compressed and the instruments sound huge and perfectly mixed; particularly enjoyable is the smooth, thick bass presence that laces grooves through every track as if they are a pair of new sneakers.

As for the tracks, well… From the moment “The More It Fades” elevates the listener on AEROSMITH-esque wings, the tracks only get bigger. THE DUST CODA’s purebred Bluesy Hard-Rock will lift you from any funk whilst adding some. Tracks like “Weakness” are everything but feeble, bringing well-written, hook-heavy Rock that will have joining in with John Drake’s Glenn Hughes/Oni Logan-styled wails in no time, whilst heavy hitters in the likes of “Sun Goes Down” and the dynamic “Rock N Roll” revel in the pure essence and musk of the genre.

There are also a couple of slower numbers such as the Bluesy “Sweet Love is Gone” and the more experimental, acoustic guitar-based eclectic jam “Nobody Now” throw in a bit of variety to this enterprise, before allowing tracks like “Down in the Valley” to pull the record back into riff-powered overdrive.

Overall – this Rock is pure as the driven snow. THE DUST CODA come out of the gate strong with their eponymous debut. By reining in stylistic influences from the greats and boosting them with a modern kick THE DUST CODA join the likes of BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION in keeping Rock ‘n’ Roll alive.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. The More It Fades
2. All I got
3. Weakness
4. Sun Goes Down
5. Rock N Roll
6. Sweet Love Is Gone
7. Save Me
8. When the Tide Comes In
9. Nobody Now
10. Down in the Valley
11. Will I Ever See You Again
John Drake – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Adam Mackie – Guitar and Vocals
Tony Ho – Bass and Vocals
Scott Miller – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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