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E-An-Na - Nesfârşite Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 September 2019, 6:38 AM

The ample set of musical possibilities a Metal genre can bear extends to the infinite due the personalities of musicians. In the case of Folk Metal, it can be extended even more due the different Folk aspects of each country. The Roman septet of Sibiu (Romania) E-AN-NA shows it on “Nesfârşite”, an album filled with many different elements. Their music is a Folk Metal form that blends the greasy tunes on the musical instruments that remind modern Metal genres, but always tempered with many Folk musical elements from Romania, and even from other countries (as some Hindu melodies presented on “În Frânt”). But what the band creates is filled with personality, breathing a heavy and harsh energy, but tempered with charming melodies. Yes, their music is really fun, heavy and an invitation for some fun.

The sound quality was built for the band to express their work in the due way, sounding clean and defined when melodic parts and Folk touches must be evident, but bearing that nasty crude sound when things get pretty heavy. Yes, the things are in a very good shape, even in the choice of the instrumental tunes. 13 songs wait for the listener. But “Viu” with its nasty brutality mixed with Folk touches (and very good guitars), the equilibrium between Folk parts and melodies with Melodic Death Metal elements shown on “Aer” and on “Epitaf”, the fine use of violins and other Folk musical instruments on “Pielea” (very good contrasts of vocal tunes), the fine use of pianos and flutes on the crude melodies of “Frica”, some more accessible parts heard on “Izbândă şi a Râvni”, and the Melodic Folk/Death Metal approach used on “iO.tă” are the best, besides the entire album is really very good.

E-AN-NA has a great musical potential to use, and besides “Nesfârşite” is already an excellent album, the next release of the band can make the walls tremble and can conquer many new fans.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Viu
2. Aer
3. Fiecare Gest Al Nostru (feat. Robert Cotoros)
4. Epitaf
5. Pielea
6. Pânda
7. Frica
8. Zadar (feat. Daniel Neagoe)
9. Izbândă şi a Râvni
10. Apele Îngheţate
11. iO.tă
12. În Frânt (feat. Michalina Malisz & Archy Jay)
13. Mashiara (feat. Daniel Neagoe)
Andrei “Solomonar” Oltean - Vocals, Whistles, Recorders, Accordion, Bagpipes
Ovidiu “Cio” Ban - Guitars
Andrei Piper - Guitars
Ioana Popescu - Keyboards
Roxana Amarandi - Violin, Backing Vocals
Dragoş Berţia - Bass
Paul Cristian - Drums
Record Label: Soundage Productions


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