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E-Force - Mindbender

by Andrew Harvey at 03 January 2022, 6:36 AM

E-FORCE originally began with ERIC FORREST and a lineup also from the regions of Montreal and Quebec in Canada; with ERIC who adopted the nickname E-FORCE. They are a thrash metal band who formed all the way back in 2001 and ERIC’S nickname was used for the band’s name. It was said also that ‘ERIC FORREST’S wide array of musical influences and vocal capabilities set E-FORCE apart from the pack and ensure that this band is very original’. E-FORCE began their musical expedition in the form of two demo releases; DEMO 1 in 2001 and 2002 DEMO before their debut album release in 2003, titled EVIL FORCES. This led to three more albums being released; MORTIFIED PERSON (2008), THE CURSE (2014)and DEMONIKOHL (2015). Three more single releases after their last album, they have now returned from a long break for what is their fifth studio album titled MINDBENDER.

The album certainly brings out what this band is all about starting with “Provocation” rages through with drums, electric guitar & bass guitar with a foundation for vocals to build on to complete the first track. It’s a screamer and tremendous intro to the band’s fifth album, there is no let down here. There is some similarity to bands like MOTORHEAD, SLAYER or ANTHRAX especially with the guitar or bass lines. But the guitar makes them stand out with drums pounding. The next one is “Traumatized” where drums bring the pulsating double kick rhythm to the fore with sizzling red hot guitar hooks and possessed vocals. The clarity and precision as well is extraordinary as before but now onto the next track. “Hellucination” opens with an unusual soundscape briefly then interrupted by the main instruments pushing their limits to the max.

Simply cunning and devastating in tone, also sharing ideas or themes from before. Sensing some elements of progressive or black/speed metal but it’s almost tricky to hear all these in the one track or spot them. “Hypnotic” with a synthetic opening before thrashing bolts of guitar & bass in the fore accompanied by drums. Electric guitar is more rhythmic than before and has more variation in tone but drums are very much in full motion but pulled back in tempo. Guitar vibrato is more open and creates melodic passage but then defaults back to more rhythmic patterns than melodic in tone. “Dark Deception” sets a nice steady tempo for guitar to fill in and vocals are simply stunning as always. Guitar shines through even in “Futures Past” this gives a transition into a more mellow feel and no drums for about a minute. Vocals come in but follow more of a black metal tone as guitar continues to play along.

“Mindbender” , sharing the album title, is consistent as ever with thrash elements of drums and guitar chopping through the mix. The band themselves show their confidence and are right in their comfort zone. The track title is very suitable and reflects what the listener hears as well before we move onto the next track. “Dehumanized” is full of unusual soundscape effects revolving around the audio spectrum. Main instruments came in with dark or somber tone but with conviction on track. Less of that pounding and more variation in drums & bass guitar to set the example. Clashing drums and that metallic feel is known now. “Delirium” is another whirlwind or storm of guitar, bass, vocals and drums laid out nicely. Vocals dominate but guitar also has the lead narrative on occasion. Vocals are very much the same but there is a secondary vocal line less present in the mix whispering in the outer audio spectrum. “Deranged” follows a more rhythmic pattern with drums & guitar pushing that idea out before mayhem ensues.

Vocals seem more enduring but there is a moment that soundscape effects fill a short space before normality overcomes the blackened thrash metal, closing with a more progressive feel and leading into the next track. “Insect” binds together bass heavy tone with double kick drum rhythm and vocals overlapping when certain phrases are echoing out. Then a voice comes in creating suspense drama which also is heard echoing out. Lead vocals shout once more as the first track comes to a close. Overall, this is an exceptional album full of thrills and spills but yet this album can seen as one of the best thrash albums maybe of 2021, the band themselves have come a long way too, when their origins are from Canada however since ERIC FORREST made the move to France with a brand new lineup for their fifth album, this certainly has a made an impact on the band’s direction as to where to go from here and whether they will continue to produce music as brilliant as their fifth album, MINDBENDER.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Provocation
2. Traumatized
3. Hellucination
4. Hypnotic
5. Dark Deception
6. Futures Past
7. Mindbender
8. Dehumanized
9. Delirium
10. Deranged
11. Insect
Eric Forrest - Vocals & Bass Guitar
Sebastian Chiffot - Guitar (Lead)
Patrick Friedrich - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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