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E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit

A Grave Deceit
by Santiago Puyol at 14 December 2020, 11:04 PM

Croatian Groove Metal band E.N.D. have released their second non-demo EP, "A Grave Deceit", following their third full-length record "Demonic8" from 2015. This 5-track, 18-minute record surely serves as a taste of the band’s sound, as it leaves you waiting for more, being over just as it gets started.

Opener "Blinded By Avarice" quickly throws the listener into a delicious mayhem. Thrashy yet Mathy, it has an off-beat funkiness, very groovy. The gang vocals in the chorus contribute a Punkish vibe. Riff-building feels a bit MESSHUGAH-lite. This becomes even more clear in the Djenty "Shattered". The second track also features a nasty, Deathcore-tingled breakdown. The mishmash of influences and sounds makes it undeniably modern but retaining and old school edge.

"Host To Hostile" comes in third, with even more detuned grittiness, dissonant screeching guitars, Hardcore energy and thrashy drumming. Alekke’s vocal style fits like a glove, possibly an iron one, abrasive but still human, avoiding full-blown growls or inhuman screaming for most part. This track is a highlight in that sense. Mid-point through it goes down a Math Rock rabbit hole, coming out with punishing rage, before falling again.

Ivan Car’s bass sets the tone for the belligerent "Unvigorous". Staccato guitar attacks and a steady beat build upon the backbone that is the repetitive bassline. Some classic Thrash influences bleed into the pre-chorus, as Alekke briefly channels 80’s James Hetfield. Listen closely to those "melted in vivid screens" and "whatever will be, will be" and you will hear it too.

Closer "Spontaneous Human Corruption" is the most Experimental track of the bunch. With heavy syncopation and a meandering breakdown, it ebbs and flows, ending the EP with more than a whimper but not entirely with a bang, feeling more like a coda after the emotional punch of the previous track.

"A Grave Deceit" is a solid EP in which E.N.D. get to show off their songwriting and instrumental chops. All three members of the band are in full form, and it is quite clear this is a band with a long history and a ton of chemistry, translating into the sound and the way they play into each other’s strengths. It might lack some hooks but it still delivers some headache inducing, Mathy bangers. Keep an eye on them!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Blinded By Avarice
2. Shattered
3. Host To Hostile
4. Unvigorous
5. Spontaneous Human Corruption
Alen "Alekke" Babin – Guitars and Lead Vocals
Davor "Didin" Babin – Drums
Ivan Car – Bass and Backing Vocals
Record Label: Geenger Records


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