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Eagleheart – Dreamtherapy

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 December 2011, 1:59 PM

When producer Roland Grapow (Once an axeman of both HELLOWEEN and MASTERPLAN) was hired for the production of the new, and second in number, of the Czech Power Metal EAGLEHEART, he probably knew to what he got himself into. From this end, he actually landed on a potential gold mine of talents. Along with his clean and fine work on the production, EAGLEHEART showed that their name, besides being a song of STRATOVARIUS, will eventually be some day known and spoken about by many.

Drawing its influences and sharing similarities with RHAPSODY OF FIRE, MASTERPLAN, GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and KAMELOT, this is a force to be acquainted with. Even though that the rain of Euro Power Metal bands dragged the notion of swarms filled with too much clichés, EAGLEHEART has its own advantages. They do have aspects that would display the common melodic choruses, same kind of riffs and undying speed for instance, but there is more than that. "Dreamtherapy", via Scarlet Records, has a little bit than a portion of maturity.

Right by the side of the normalities of the subgenre, the material offers time signature breaks of beats, articulate Neo-Classical solos of high standards, a rather diverse line of rhythms and a little more than the traditional set of vocals. Don't be wrong, EAGLEHEART is a Power Metal being and it showed alligence to the characteristics especially when keeping the flow and somewhat accisibility of their tracks. However, what spiced up their album is that touch of maturity and lest we forget, a heavier approach in comparison to their debut.

As the songs were the integral elements that made this release so great, it is hard on not concentrating on some of the members that made it true. First there is Simonik that is without a doubt a singer that every classical Metal band would want. His voice pattern channels a massive load of power. He reminds a very good version of younger Jorn Lande and Roy Kahn. Second, there are the guitarists, Kus and Janukliak. It is unknown if both are behind the intelligent solos, but such a performance of great licks isn't on display on every average Power Metal band.

Songs like "Burned By The Sun" and "Shades Of Nothing" are the some of great traditional stuff. However, the epic "Wheel Of Sorrow" (The "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" of the album) and "Nothing Remains" serve as the special deliveries with their constructiveness, maturity and technique. "Glass Mountain", apart from being yet another smashing creation, is one of the best environmental themed tracks written.

"Dreamtherapy" may help you with something and that is your imagination. This album is a must for every Metalhead that respects the genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Insomnia
2. Shades Of Nothing
3. Taste My Pain
4. Lost In The Dead End
5. Creator Of Time
6. Nothing Remains
7. Dreamtherapy
8. Burned By The Sun
9. Glass Mountain
10. Wheel Of Sorrow
Vojta "Kai" Simonik- Vocals
Michal "Mike" Kus- Guitars / Vocals
Michal Jankuliak- Guitars
Jioi "Wagner" Fiala- Bass
Zdenik "Smrt" Vemola- Drums
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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