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Eastwood – Antibiose

by Will Travers at 17 September 2021, 9:57 PM

The intense and formidable grindcore outfit EASTWOOD have returned to throw out their first full length release full of showstopping Powerviolence and some Death Metal influences. This is not one to be missed by fans worldwide. The artwork for the album is simple, it is aggressive and imposing in it’s minimalism, but I’m sure the music itself will be anything but simple.

Opening the record is “90 Minutes Hate” and it is everything that I though it would be, the 75 seconds fly past at an absolute break neck speed, bags of aggression leave me breathlessly waiting for more. “Schall & Rauch” continues this, the music just constantly beating away with an unrelenting torrent of blast beats, intense screams and an unwavering, untiring riffage. How can you make something so intense and, for lack of a better term, obnoxious, even more in your face? Well, look no further than “Algorithmus”. The 30 second track is an absolute storming whirlwind from start to finish.

“Plastiglomerat” starts to show some really different stylings, some really dirty breakdowns and the tracking just keeps on picking up, the intensity and actual density of the instrumental tracking growing exponentially as each track feels like being slapped in the face with a nuke. The titular “Antibiose” is another example of just this. Another track sitting at 30 seconds long, short, sweet and ending with a fantastic quote, calling the music a bit artsy fartsy. And the artistic musicianship doesn’t end there, the aggressive tracking continually beats away at the listener through “Das Nichts Am Ende Des Tunnels”. However, this track has a slightly comparatively laid back feel to it, and I always feel that it’s thanks to the drum tracking in these particular styles that really sets the overall pace and I love it!

Jumping ahead to the final track, I have high hopes. This has been a fast paced, high octane journey that I can only see ending in fire and explosions with EASTWOOD going down kicking, screaming and crying. Now, I don’t always like to make assumptions and the previous statement is testament to this. Whilst it ticks all of my expectations, it is completely different to the rest of the album, sitting at four minutes fifteen seconds, it is everything that is fantastic about the album, with a little extra nuances thrown in. Leaving you wanting more and more.

Overall, this is a great album. The blend of sub genres has served EASTWOOD and the record well. The short and punchy tracks really help to keep the listeners attention piqued and I know for sure that I will be back for more in the future.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. 90 Minutes Hate
2. Schall & Rauch
3. Anthropozentrische Kacksheiße
4. Reality Construction Kit
5. Algorithmus
6. Subtraktion
7. Bewusstseinsimplantat
8. Plastiglomerat
9. Das Ziel Versperrt Den Weg
10. Monoperceptose
11. Windmühlen
12. Downtown
13. Antibiose
14. Das Nichts Am Ende Des Tunnels
15. Weißes Rauschen
16. Lochfraß
17. Faser Für Faser
No lineup information available
Record Label: Lixiviat Records


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