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Easy Action - That Makes One (Reissue)

Easy Action
That Makes One (Reissue)
by Craig Rider at 25 January 2020, 11:51 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EASY ACTION; signed via AOR Heaven, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Glam Metal, on their sophomoric 1985 re-issued release entitled: "That Makes One" (released 31/01/2020).

Since formation in 1981; the quintet in question have 2 albums in their discography so far, their 1st being "Easy Action" (which was released in 1983) and this here 2nd album entitled: "That Makes One". Reissued from AOR Heaven; limited to 1000 copies, including 2 bonus tracks…EASY ACTION resurrect themselves to bring their old-school repertoire to the next generation. 12 tracks ranging at around 48:44; this 5-piece group arrange an intricately designed formula of easy-listening yet radio-friendly developments. "Talk Of The Town" begins the record; conveying catchy harmonica, boistrously bouncy anthems & amplified adrenaline. Flamboyantly crafting an adroitly composed slab of riveting rhythms, and a borderline foundation of uniquely versatile vehemence.

Consisting of Tommy Nilsson on vocals; the frontman excels into a clean fabrication of high-pitched pipes, lungs that scream with throaty yet rawly rough ramifications. "Teachers Do It With Class" demonstrates complexly creative instrumentation; distributing cheesy finesse with old-school 80s electronica, implementing groovy guitar hooks from Kee Marcello (who later joined the EUROPE fame) and a blistering barrage of dextrously dynamic virtuosity. Quintessentially manifesting meticulously primitive riffs, while showcasing simplistically progressive technicalities. "Code To Your Heart" starts off with more of those keyboardist elements; implementing inventive doses of organically orchestrated substance, while shredding with ripping soars that thunder with profusely robust stability. Culminating a grandure amalgamation of neo-classical distinctions, converging a fluidly polished sublime of melodic yet slick professionalism.

2nd guitarist Chris Lind embellishes on experimental precision; supplying nimble snappiness, quirky maelstroms that momentously portray jumpy yet volatile sophistication…"Only Love" is a stereotypical love ballad that you would unsurprisingly find on the radio, seamlessly slithered with outrè panache while revolved around a vibrantly striking performance that wonders with prodegiously majestic remedies. Injecting infectious bass audibility from Peo Thyrén, who thumps his axe with steely yet strumming elan, embodying an immersively detailed contrast of emotional diligence & soulful songwriting musicianship. "One In A Million" captures memorably melodious symphonics; while "Grizzly" Hölglund on the hammering drums ramunctiously punches them with tenaciously triggering calamities - morphed with typical AOR distinctions.

"Talk Talk Talk" seamlessly shrouds speakers with more of that monolithic transparency; jaded with simplified yet painstakingly run-of-the-mill vibes, that while I can appreciate what they were going for…it just seems like a style that every pop rock band atypically would …replicate for that time, I guess. "Partners In Crime" represents similar characteristics, entranced into a hardened layer of chunkier hymns & spontaneous systematics…sonically flowing a healthy dose of oozing meatiness while zestfully providing spirted yet tuneful oscilliation. "Love Reaction" goes back to the generic formulaic of sentimental ardour, while transfixed with those potentially talented rituals & hybrid dimensions of rocking physique - while "Rosie" is an enthusiastically clichè love song that we have all heard a billion times before.

"In The Middle Of Nowhere" articulates with uniquely rich soundscapes; rolicking with jumpy tempos, moving industriousness & epicly energetic exuberence…enriched into a frolicking èclat of flair. Included with the reissue are 2 additional bonus tracks previously unreleased: "Eye For An Eye" & "There Is A River" both impactfully amalgamating an impressive overdose of ambiently atmospheric compoments while rushing with wildly sharp stability. Overall concluding "That Makes One"; I am compelled to say that this record has a great amount of firepower, expertise & instrumental inherence but I can't say it is for everyone. AOR fanatics however, will relish this one & EASY ACTION certainly outdone themselves with it…I guess it's a shame that Kee Marcello left for EUROPE, being a more popular outfit…it indeed was probably the best thing for him to do now that I think about it.

Bottom line; I discovered an interesting band who delivered a fundamental grandure of old-school AOR principles that should please most rockers, metal extremists however - not for you.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Sound Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Talk Of The Town
2. Teachers Do It With Class
3. Code To Your Heart
4. Only Love
5. One In A Million
6. Talk Talk Talk
7. Partners In Crime
8. Love Reaction
9. Rosie
10. In The Middle Of Nowhere
11. Eye For An Eye
12. There Is A River
Kee Marcello - Guitar
Chris Lind - Guitar
Tommy Nilsson - Vocals
Peo Thyrén - Bass
"Grizzly" Hölglund - Drums
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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Edited 29 September 2020

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