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Echelon - Vivito! Creato! Moritor!

Vivito! Creato! Moritor!
by Andrew Sifari at 26 August 2014, 6:27 PM

ECHELON are a Black Metal band from Austria. The members of the band all have experience in other, similar Austrian bands, though “VIVITO! CREATOR! MORITOR!” is the group’s first release together.

ECHELON do things a little differently than the average Black Metal group, relying more on their instruments to create the different moods and textures rather than atmospheric effects, synthesizers, and the like, and they aren’t too ‘kvlt’ to throw in a lead guitar section here or there, as in the excellent, mostly-instrumental closing track, “Triptychon.” They also have a rather unique choice in subject matter, basing the album around the understanding of war as portrayed by different historical artists such as Eduardo Manet and Otto Dix, with lyrics completely in German. The production on the album is solid, though I don’t think it would have hurt for the guitars to have been a bit beefier in the mix. Π.Σ. and M.X.’s guitar playing is very melodic and riffy in the Black Metal style, giving the music a suitably epic vibe to go along with the album’s adventurous concept. Songs like “Des Teufels Bluthund” and “Die Grauen des Krieges” are plenty fast and heavy in spots, but also have a lot of depth to them. Speed is a prominent feature within the music, but it isn’t merely utilized solely for the sake of being fast.
Other standout tracks like “Tod und Teufel,” “Der Krieg in mir” and “Der Baum der Gehängten” are packed with creative riffs and well-placed tempo changes, while “Desastre de la Guerra” and the aforementioned “Triptychon” alternate between heavy guitar sections and tasteful acoustic passages. An avalanche of double bass drums accompanies the ominous riffing of “Strappado” before slowing to a doomy crawl, and then ramping things back up without missing a beat.

What’s most impressive about this album (to me, at least) is the overall strength of songwriting. ECHELON have a clearly defined style throughout “VIVITO! CREATO! MORITOR!” but on a song-to-song basis, there isn’t really a single moment that feels predictable at all. There’s a lot for Metal fans of every sort to like, from the fast, unadulterated Black Metal assaults to the more measured, but still melodic and emphatic sections. I can’t really say anything about the concept since I don’t know any German, but the music itself is very well done, from the band’s formidable instrumental performances to the fact that there are no weak tracks at all. “VIVITO! CREATO! MORITOR!” is a strong effort that should appeal to casual listeners as well as more dedicated fans of Black Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Le Grande Miseres de la Guerre
2. Der Baum der Gehängten
3. Tod und Teufel
4. Strappado
5. Desastre de la Guerra
6. Der Krieg in mir
7. Des Teufels Bluthund
8. Die Grauen des Krieges
9. Effet de Neige a petit Montrouge
10. Vor mir türmen sich die Scherben
11. Ewigkeit
12. Totengeigen
13. Triptychon
Δ.Ρ. - Bass
Τ.Φ. - Lead Vocals
Φ.Ω. - Drums, Clean Vocals
Μ.Χ. - Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Π.Σ. - Guitars
Record Label: Gravity Entertainment


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