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Ecliptica - Impetus (CD)

by George Karagiannis at 16 November 2008, 9:07 PM

ECLIPTICA is an Austrian band that delivers mainly Power Metal with some progressive elements. After their first work, the The Awakening EP, this is their first full-length album….and believe me one that worths to hear!
Firstly, as soon as you hear the album you swear that those guys must be together for decades. I mean, the band is so tight and also well-trained musicians with a killer bass player. The production is really good - surprisingly good - that shows that the band really worked hard for this album. ECLIPTICA has both male and female vocals but don't think of a goth use of the female vocals. Not in any way. The female vocals mainly accompany the male ones at chorus parts…they give melody but I think they could use a female vocalist with a bigger range in her voice.
After a melodic intro, the first track My Paradise enters powerfully with a 'prog' attitude. Then comes Land Of Silence, maybe the song of the album. Great guitars, nice vocals with a beautiful chorus, that for seconds I thought I heard Bruce Dickinson singing…got it? The next one, Carry On, is the 'HELLOWEEN' track of the album. Dynamic riffs and speed. Twilight Hall sounds too commercial to my ears for some reason. Turn Away, the ballad of the album, has a medieval sense …really beautiful…with a great guitar solo in the middle of the song.
An epic riff blows the speakers as Old Man's Memories enters. Nice track, but the chorus doesn't help at all, while the next one - Watching You - makes you scream METAALL!!! A really heavy track, progy and a little bit…American. Jester In The Ballroom, the No2 of the album in my opinion, is quite commercial too, with a chorus that sticks in your mind (the main riff of this track I think it has been used from tons of other Rock/Metal bands of the past with one or the other way). The album closes with the melodic and quite strange Black Swan. This one could have been easily part of the last THERION efforts and I recommend it as a soundtrack of a night with candles, red wine and philosophy…
Generally, Impetus is a great debut but surely they can do a lot more. Mainly they should work to make their sound & style more personal and decide which path they will follow. I hope not the commercial one…
Note: Please, don't judge the band from the video…

3 Star Rating

My Paradise
Land Of Silence
Carry On
Twilight Hall
Turn Away
Old Man's Memories
Watching You
Jester In The Ballroom
Black Swan
Marcus Winkler - Guitars
Thomas Tieber - Vocals
Florian Thur - Bass
Roman Klomfar - Drums
Bernie Scholz - Guitars & Vocals
Elisabeth Fangmeyer - Vocals
Andreas Frost - Keyboards
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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